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OptimizePMD: 2 Ways to Get Started Doing Pull-Ups

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Avoiding doing pull-ups because you can't do even one? While pull-ups provide a good workout, it's tough to even get started if you can't do any. In this video, Richmond health coach Michael Stroud demonstrates two techniques you can use that will help you get started doing pull-ups, and get you on the path to doing a normal one, too. 

Watch the below video and read on for a recap. 

2 Ways to Get Started Doing Pull-Ups

1) Do a forced negative pull-up.

A negative pull-up is a pull-up that starts from the "up" position. Instead of lifting from below, you are already above the bar. Use a stool or simply jump and grab the bar. Then, lower yourself as slowly as you can. Repeat as many times as you can. This removes the pulling up part of the exercise that is difficult to get past. 

2) Use a band. 

Take a band and place it under your foot or under your knee. Do a pull-up as normal, and the band will provide an assist on the way up. 

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