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David Pong, M.D.

By: David Pong, M.D. on October 5th, 2020

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COVID-19 Business Consulting: What is Physician Advice?

Executive Health | COVID-19

During COVID-19, many businesses are using consultants to help them navigate the many, ever-changing challenges. From management consultants to accountants to benefits managers to lawyers and more, businesses have several options to choose from when it comes to getting help during the pandemic.

One consultant not often thought of is a physician. Yes, the same person who gives you an annual physical, writes your prescriptions, and makes sure you’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle can also offer medically-informed advice related to how your business operates during COVID-19.

How so? Let us explain.

What exactly is “physician advice” as it relates to business consulting during COVID-19?

When it comes to helping businesses during COVID-19, physician advice is exactly what it says – advice from a physician. Physicians who help businesses in this way use their medical training and knowledge to interpret data and information and translate it into easy-to-understand advice that helps businesses make decisions confidently.

During COVID-19, constantly changing recommendations on topics like testing, monitoring, and methods of transmission have created a barrage of questions almost daily. There’s also been evolving research on preventive measures, drug treatments, and vaccine developments.

All this information can impact your business operations, no matter what business you’re in. It could impact how you’re managing your employees, your revenue streams, and more.
But all this information derives from medical studies and research, which can often be complicated and confusing to fully understand. That’s where physicians come in.

Wondering if your business should test employees itself based on the latest testing guidance?

Looking for advice on if your cleaning procedures are actually effective?

Trying to deduce when you can reasonably expect things to return to normal?

These are all things a physician can weigh in on and offer clinically based, medically informed advice to factor into your decision making.


How can you find a physician to help your business during COVID-19?

The key with finding a physician to help your business is to find someone who has experience working with business leaders. They should be comfortable discussing business operations and able to quickly learn the issues your business cares about. They also should be invested in following the day-to-day and week-to-week news and research related to COVID-19.

Just like you would expect a lawyer to be knowledgeable about your specific business and the latest changes in the law, you should expect a physician helping you to be knowledgeable about your business on some level and be up-to-date on the latest COVID-19 information.

As far as your options, there are some full-time physicians offering consulting services right now, like us here at PartnerMD. Some larger consulting firms also have physicians on staff who regularly consult with businesses. And some are even advocating for more large public companies to create a chief medical officer position to handle this full-time.


Do you need a physician for business consulting over other consultants?

No, if we’re being honest, a physician should not be the only consultant you employ. Physicians are great resources to make sure your business decisions are made with the utmost health and safety in mind.

But there are numerous other issues during COVID-19 affecting businesses, and just about all of them are not issues a physician should be weighing in on.

Whether you need a lawyer to help interpret labor laws around your new policies, an accountant to advise on participating in government-run programs like PPP, or a management consultant to figure out how to operate your business more efficiently or shift operations to a new revenue stream, there are many consultants you could find useful during COVID-19.

But during a pandemic, when health and safety is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, we think it’s wise to consider adding a physician to your consulting team.

COVID-19 Business Consulting: Get Physician Advice from PartnerMD

As a multi-office concierge medicine and executive health practice with locations throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, we’ve dealt with many of the same problems your company has dealt with. And as a long-time executive health provider, we’re lucky to have doctors who are comfortable helping our own leadership team, and those of our corporate clients, navigate the challenges brought on by COVID-19.

We want to help your business, too. That’s why we’re offering a free consultation with one of our doctors to get you the medically-informed business consulting advice you need. We’ll set up a one-hour virtual meeting with one of our physicians, so you can get the latest guidance and talk face-to-face with a doctor about issues affecting your business.

Learn more about how PartnerMD is offering medically-informed business consulting during COVID-19.

Get help from a physician in figuring out your business's questions during COVID-19.