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By: PartnerMD on July 10th, 2020

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PartnerMD Launches Four Advanced Wellness Programs for Members

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PartnerMD is pleased to announce the expansion of its wellness services with four new advanced wellness programs to proactively and aggressively help members achieve optimal lifelong health. The new programs will address four critical areas metabolic wellness, stress and sleep, physical performance, and brain health – and provide the most comprehensive approach to prevention and peak performance 

The first of the four programs, MetabolizePMD, launched in July 2020 in the Richmond market and will launch in September 2020 across all other markets. The remaining three programs will launch over 2020-2021. The programs are: 

  • MetabolizePMD to achieve metabolic wellness through the latest in healthy eating; 
  • HarmonizePMD to integrate mind and body with improved stress and sleep; 
  • OptimizePMD to achieve and maintain optimal physical performance; and 
  • MemorizePMD to identify risk factors for cognitive decline, and improve and maintain mental performance. 

These programs will be led by PartnerMD Director of Wellness Dr. Steven BishopHe oversees PartnerMD’s team of health coaches who will help deliver these programs along with physicians and a psychologist.  

“We’re excited to bring these progressive wellness offerings to our members who want to invest in their future health,” Dr. Bishop said. “Especially right now, when it's more important than ever to improve your health while COVID-19 vaccines are under development, people don’t just want help treating illness. They also want to know the latest in medicine to help be as healthy as possible, and that’s exactly what these programs are going to provide.”  

As the first program to be introduced, MetabolizePMD will include physician supervision and clinical lab workfour workshops, plus ongoing support groups. Due to COVID-19 , these programs will operate virtually for the time being.   

“Since PartnerMD was founded 17 years ago, one of our primary goals has been to provide preventive healthcare for our members,” PartnerMD Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jim Mumper said. “Wellness and health coaching has always been an integral part of our approach, and Dr. Bishop is taking it to the next level. We’re more than just primary care. We’re your partner throughout your journey to achieve optimal lifelong health.   

PartnerMD is a concierge primary care and executive health practice serving approximately 10,000 members with offices throughout the Mid-Atlantic, including its Richmond and Midlothian locations, plus GreenGate location to open September 2020Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, PartnerMD is owned by Markel Ventures.