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PartnerMD Live 3/27: How to Fall Back Asleep with Caiti Nascarella

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Waking up in the middle of the night is inconvenient. And it's worse when you can't fall back asleep in a timely manner. Greenville health coach Caiti Nascarella went on PartnerMD Live and provided three tips on how to fall back asleep. 

1. Self-assess your own situation. Look at the various stimuli in your life that might be inhibiting your sleep pattern. Is there a trend behind why you keep waking up? Practice progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) and 4-7-8 breathing

2. Set yourself up for success by drinking the right beverages. Cut yourself off from caffeine sometime between 12pm and 2pm. Be careful with alcohol; it can disrupt your circadian rhythm. 

3. If you wake up, get up, walk to another room, and engage in relaxing behavior until you fall asleep again. Write in your journal, read a book, or do a crossword puzzle. Avoid technology, like TV, that could hype up your brain. 

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