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OptimizePMD: Proper Exercise Form — Bench Press

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Strength training is a fantastic way to build muscle and stay active. But making sure you are using the proper technique is important to getting the results you want without hurting yourself. In the first part of this series on proper exercise form, Richmond health coach Michael Stroud offers a brief tutorial on the proper form for the bench press. Watch the video below and read on for a brief recap.

3 Do's and Don'ts of the Bench Press

1. DO stay in contact with the bench. Don't life your hips off the bench. Once your body starts wandering, your shoulders get put in a vulnerable position. 

2. DON'T bring the bar to the upper part of your chest. Bring it to the lower part of your chest so your elbows are at a 45-degree angle. 

3. DO breathe in as you bring the bar toward your chest. When you push the bar out, breathe out. 


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