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Better healthcare for an even better you. 

Hassle-free primary care is only the foundation of a better healthcare experience.

When you join PartnerMD you get greater access to a great doctor, but that's just the beginning. You get access to the most medically advanced physicals to help identify hidden vulnerabilities to your health. And you get access to certified health coaches who provide expertise and accountability to support a healthy lifestyle. All that is wrapped up in one membership designed to provide better healthcare for an even better you.


Where is PartnerMD's office located?

Located directly north of downtown Atlanta, our Sandy Springs office is just off Georgia 400 on Mt. Vernon Highway.

Contact Information:

755 Mt. Vernon Highway, Suite 110, Sandy Springs, GA 30328


Meet Dr. Rob Norris, Dr. Jennifer Tutt, and Dr. Rakseh Sarma


Dr. Rob Norris, Family Medicine

With certificates in both integrative health and functional medicine, Dr. Rob provides integrative, holistic care to patients throughout every stage of life. Over nearly two decades as a family practice doctor, he’s educated patients on how to remain healthy, while trying to reduce the need for medication.

“The main drive I have for people is to learn how to be healthy and stay healthy, and not ever need medicine.”

By combining his integrative, functional approach with the relationships he can develop with his patients thanks to being a concierge doctor, Dr. Rob aims to uncover health problems before they start to cause issues.

Learn more about Dr. Norris.


Dr. Jennifer Tutt, Primary Care (Starting February 2023)

Dr. Jennifer Tutt believes when patients have an improved understanding of their overall health, they can make more informed decisions that help them live a happier, healthier life.

While she is board-certified specifically in family medicine, Dr. Tutt has focused extensively on adult patients over more than two decades of practicing medicine. She frequently helps patients manage issues like diabetes, hypertension, COPD, osteoporosis, and asthma, as well as the complex issues that often arise for geriatric patients.

“Through education, I can help you get moving in the right direction,” she says. “And then once we get going in the right direction, that’s when we can really see a difference in terms of lowering your comorbidities and improving how you feel and the way you live.”

Meet Dr. Tutt


Dr. Rakesh Sarma, Internal Medicine (Starting February 2023)

Dr. Rakesh Sarma integrates traditional medicine, functional medicine, and holistic medicine to deliver customized care for every patient.

"To me, a person’s health cannot be boiled down to a pharmaceutical solution or a supplement solution alone," Dr. Sarma says. "People aren’t just biochemical processes waiting to be adjusted. My goal is to help patients understand their health and help them find the right strategy to achieve their goals."

He has nearly 20 years of experience helping adults manage diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, inflammatory conditions, thyroid issues, osteoporosis, arthritis, depression, anxiety, asthma, and allergies, among other common health problems.

Meet Dr. Sarma

How does PartnerMD deliver a better healthcare experience?

We combine excellent care from your primary care physician with accountability and support from a certified health coach to deliver the best healthcare experience possible.

Your care team at PartnerMD consists of your personal primary care physician, your nurse, and our certified health coach in Sandy Springs, Dr. Francisco Carreño Gálvez

Together, they help you develop and execute a plan to not just treat illness, but work to prevent it in the first place. And it's all included in your membership. 

Watch this video from Dr. Carreño for a brief introduction to what you can expect at PartnerMD. 

Meet Dr. Carreño.

How much does a PartnerMD membership cost?

A traditional primary care doctor has 3,000-4,000 patients. At PartnerMD, our concierge doctors have around 400-500 patients. The monthly fee of your concierge medicine membership makes up for the difference in the number of patients compared to traditional practices and allows us to provide exceptional care to help you stay at your best. 

Use the calculator below to get an instant price quote for your concierge medicine cost in Sandy Springs, GA. 

I’m looking for a plan that includes:

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Membership for the primary account holder. 

Additional Adults

Memberships for additional adults in your household (spouses, grandparents, etc.) receive a discount off the Single Adult annual rate. 

Young Adults

Memberships for young adults ages 22-25 are discounted to $75 per month. 


Memberships for children ages 5-21 are discounted to $50 per month. To be eligible to join, young children must have completed their vaccinations.

Please note: As an internal medicine physician, Dr. Dekle does not see patients younger than age 18. 

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Experience the PartnerMD difference.

As a PartnerMD member, you'll enjoy:

  • 30-minute appointments that allow for a deeper relationship with your doctor
  • 24/7/365 access to physician care
  • Same- or next-day appointments for sick care guaranteed
  • Little to no wait times for appointments, whether in-person or via telehealth
  • The most medically advanced annual physicals on the market
  • Access to more than 70+ physician-approved wellness courses and certified health coaching through Wellness University
  • Coordination and scheduling of specialist referrals
  • Quarterbacking of all your care
  • Preventive care that’s personal and proactive.

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Ready for a better healthcare experience?

Start your journey to a better healthcare experience today. Complete this form and a membership expert will contact you via phone and/or email within 2 business days.

* Dr. Norris is not currently accepting new patients.

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