RICHMOND – PartnerMD is excited to announce the addition of Dustin Yudowitch as the new Director of Wellness. Dustin joins PartnerMD after serving as the executive director at CREO Wellness Inc. for the past two years. Additionally, Dustin has more than a decade of experience designing and implementing programs that improve the health and wellness of consumers and help employers control their health care costs.

In this new role at PartnerMD reporting to Chief Medical Officer and co-founder Dr. Jim Mumper, Dustin will oversee all health coaches who work in PartnerMD’s eight medical practices across the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern U.S. He will also be responsible for developing and managing all wellness programs to be fully integrated with PartnerMD’s clinical care by physicians and to deliver improved health outcomes, both physically and emotionally.

As a noted expert in the field of wellness, Dustin has identified individualization as the vital component that is often missing when creating a comprehensive program that patients will embrace to create long-term behavior change. In his new role, Dustin will focus on improving the PartnerMD wellness experience by strengthening communications and building sense of community.

“In health and wellness, one size does not fit all,” said Mr. Yudowitch. “All of my previous experiences have prepared me for this new role by exposing me to leading, cutting edge models that push the boundaries of how technology and community can affect one’s health and wellbeing. One of my most valuable skill sets is not just knowing how to build a comprehensive, effective program, but also knowing what not to do.”

“PartnerMD is thrilled to add Dustin to our team in this newly created role,” said Zack Smith, CEO of PartnerMD. “His expertise in wellness will help us create an even more compelling and effective portfolio of services in an area of increasing importance to our members and corporate clients.”

Dustin is a graduate from the University of Mary Washington and a certified educator and coach in more than a dozen specialty areas such as diabetes, nutritional fitness, and tobacco treatment.

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