What is concierge medicine? Is there concierge medicine in Midlothian? Midlothian Lifestyle magazine answers these questions in an article from their January 2020 issue featuring PartnerMD’s Midlothian office. In addition to quotes from Dr. Robert Cross and Health Coach Jaime Monsen, the article discussed why concierge medicine has grown as an industry, the benefits of concierge medicine, and what is involved with membership at PartnerMD.

“Our world is constantly evolving, propelled forward by advancements which improve our efficiency, production, and communication. Yet, the standard approach to healthcare remains the same. Physicians are grossly overbooked, resulting in patients spending more time waiting and less time receiving treatment. On average, primary care doctors are forced to see 35-40 patients per day as insurance companies reimburse less and less for care.

For those who seek a more efficient, hand-on, focused approach to their healthcare, concierge medicine may be the answer.”

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