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Jeffrey Schwartz, M.D.

Family Medicine

Jeffrey Schwartz

Physician Profile

Virginia Commonwealth University

Medical School
The Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University, 1992

Blackstone Family Practice

Professional Society Memberships
American Academy of Family Physicians

Other Interests
Aviation medicine

Lives In
Mechanicsville, Va.

Meet Dr. Schwartz …

In 2015, Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz joined PartnerMD for a few reasons. First, he knew several PartnerMD physicians and appreciated the positive things they had to say about the concierge medical model. Second, he’d experienced concierge medicine firsthand as a PartnerMD patient. And finally, the model reminded him of his rewarding work as a flight surgeon in the United States Air Force.

About that last point—the title “flight surgeon” is a bit of a misnomer, since most flight surgeons rarely perform actual surgery. Instead, a flight surgeon does a little bit of everything, much like a primary care physician. But the special thing about flight surgeons is they have the time and space to get to really know and care for a core group of people, seeing them on a regular basis (just like we do at PartnerMD), rather than once or twice a year (which is what you’ll find in a traditional healthcare setting).

Dr. Schwartz says, “The PartnerMD model of concierge medicine gives me the time to do what I’ve been trained to do. Before joining PartnerMD, my practice felt too much like a mill with no time to think or talk. PartnerMD provides that time. It allows me to really get to know each patient, which can be extremely beneficial. For example, I can quickly tell if a specific complaint is out of context for a particular patient. If I didn’t know the patient well, I wouldn’t have the context necessary to fully understand the complaint and its implications for the individual.”

Regarding his educational background, Dr. Schwartz first became interested in medicine at the tender of age of 17 when he joined the Tuckahoe Volunteer Rescue Squad in his hometown, Richmond, Va. He pursued his passion, earning his bachelor’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and his medical degree from the Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1992. He completed his internship and residency at Blackstone Family Practice.

As previously mentioned, Dr. Schwartz served as a medic and flight surgeon in the United States Air Force, including four years of active duty and 19 years in the reserves. Currently, he is one of only two FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiners in the Richmond, Virginia, area. Prior to joining PartnerMD, Dr. Schwartz spent 10 years as the medical director for Henrico Family Physicians.

Today, Dr. Schwartz looks forward to building lasting relationships with his PartnerMD patients. He appreciates how members take an active role in their own health and wellbeing. He loves answering questions—and even more, he loves it when he doesn’t have an answer right off the bat, because he now has the time to research and dig deep. From there, he and his patients can discuss findings, weigh pros and cons, and develop a custom plan—one that includes a heavy dose of health coaching.

Dr. Schwartz says, “I work closely with PartnerMD’s certified health coaches to help members make lasting lifestyle changes. Our health coaches are key ingredients to our members’ success. They serve as the bridge between my clinical care and the wellness goals a member wants to achieve.”

In addition, Dr. Schwartz is always open to exploring alternative therapies and helping patients understand the medical research behind those therapies. He will only recommend those that have research backing up the health claims. He’s particularly interested in brain biology and gut health, both of which are in their infancy.

When Dr. Schwartz isn’t practicing medicine, he enjoys target shooting, tennis and John Wayne movies. The father of two sons, David and Cooper, Dr. Schwartz lives in Mechanicsville, Va., with his wife, Angela.

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