Linda Nash, the CEO and founder of PartnerMD, the Richmond-based concierge medical company, will leave as of February 13, 2015, to pursue new ventures.

Steve Nardo, the current President of PartnerMD, will assume the role of CEO. Linda Nash will remain as an adviser to the company.

“This has been a wonderful chapter in my life, and I am grateful to PartnerMD’s thousands of members, our superb doctors and our medical and business staff for the success we’ve shared,” she said. “I am a serial entrepreneur, and I love helping new businesses and start-ups be successful. PartnerMD is in great hands, and it is the right time to make a change.”

“We express our sincere appreciation for Linda’s contributions to the company, and they can’t be overstated,” said Tom Gayner, President of Markel Ventures. “She is a visionary and a pioneer in the field, and was among the first to recognize the need for more personalized, collaborative, and proactive approaches to health care.

Today, PartnerMD’s reputation for providing the highest quality care for its members stems from Linda’s original vision and we all benefit from her tireless dedication.”