Introducing: MetabolizePMD

Create a healthy metabolism. Lose weight.

Start on Your Wellness Pathway

For more information and to join the next MetabolizePMD class, reach out to Chelsea Kallina, Wellness Program Manager.

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A healthy metabolism can lower blood pressure, decrease insulin resistance, shed midsection fat, and help you achieve healthy, maintainable weight loss.

PartnerMD members have exclusive access to MetabolizePMD, a program specifically designed to teach you how to reverse metabolic syndrome, lose weight, and live your best life. The program includes:

  • Blood-drawn lab work to start safely
  • 4 online classes diving into the latest science of healthy eating
  • Progress supervised by your physician
  • Personal health coaching to help you stay on track
  • Online community and physician support
Participants pay a $200 one-time program fee. Labs are charged to health insurance, so participants pay resulting co-pay or deductible. A new class starts each month.
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