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Custom Physicals from PartnerMD

Medicine is always advancing. Shouldn’t your physical keep up?

Your annual physical serves as a great reference point for you and your physician to understand your current health and risk factors and to begin mapping your plan to achieving lifelong optimal health. We help you choose the right level for you each year for the best in early detection, prevention, and holistic health.

Choose from 3 levels to meet your individual needs and preferences. 

Your Customization Options

Your physical is customized every year in partnership with you and your physician based on your personal needs, including family and personal medical history, specific health needs and goals, age- and gender-appropriate testing. Options vary by office and may change as medicine advances.


Schedule your physical.

Receive the best in early detection and prevention by getting an appointment on the books.

We'll review available customization options with you and craft a personalized experience, taking into account your age, gender, lifestyle, and other key health drivers.

Follow the link for either individuals or corporate employees, and we'll contact you within one business day to start your consultation. 

Advanced Physicals & Membership for Individuals Executive Physicals for Corporate Employees