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How does concierge medicine at PartnerMD work?

Experience the ultimate doctor-patient relationship.

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It's time for a better relationship with your physician.

You want something different. You want to truly know your physician. You want enough time to ask all your questions. And you don’t want to wait – either in scheduling an appointment or at the office.

At PartnerMD, you get unrivaled access to a physician who has the time to understand you and your health, all without the hassles of traditional primary care. 

How is this different than what you’re used to?

At PartnerMD, we combine a great doctor-patient relationship with convenient access and preventive, proactive care. Compared to a traditional primary care practice, you’ll enjoy:

  • 30-minute appointments with your physician and little to no waiting in the lobby or exam room, so you spend more time with your physician, instead of waiting for them.
  • 24/7 access to a physician and same-day or next-day scheduling for acute care instead of waiting days or weeks for an appointment.
  • No-stress specialist coordination, so you don't have to manage your entire healthcare picture by yourself.
  • An advanced annual physical, our online wellness platform called Wellness University, and certified health coaches to build a plan for improved health...and help you pursue it.

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“It’s wonderful to have a long-term relationship with the same doctor and nurse, to have a doctor who can pull up my last 5+ years of labs and put this year’s in context, to not be rushed, and to not feel stressed about going to the doctor.” - Andrew, Patient, PartnerMD

Upgraded Advanced Physicals. What does that mean?

Our advanced physicals provide an annual deep dive into your health and a roadmap to prevention and longevity.  

An advanced physical is included in your membership each year, but we also offer the ability to upgrade your physical to receive more advanced tests and screenings.

This is an additional out-of-pocket expense and is most common with our first-year members, so you start your new doctor-patient relationship with the most information possible.  

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Wellness University and Health Coaching. What’s that about?

Your membership also includes access to our members-only wellness program, Wellness University, and our team of certified health coaches.  

Wellness University delivers more than 70 physician-approved courses targeting the four areas most critical to your health, including food and nutrition, stress and sleep, physical fitness and brain health.  

Structured like a university, you’ll take courses from the 100 level to the 400 level and work directly with our health coaches to improve your health. Our wellness team works hand-in-hand with you and your physician to provide the education, support, and accountability you need to achieve your goals.  

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“PartnerMD’s practice model gives physicians more time with their patients. This is so important to me because I went into family practice so I could treat my patients like family. And I never rush family.” - Dr. Mark Petrizzi, PartnerMD Short Pump

So, what does this cost?

At PartnerMD, we offer two membership rates based on age.

  • Adults (Ages 26+): $2,500 per year or $208.33 per month
  • Young Adults & Children (Ages 6-25): $1,250 per year or $104.16 per month

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