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Concierge Medicine for Individuals & Families

Better healthcare for an even better you. 

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Hassle-free primary care is only the foundation of a better healthcare experience.

When you join PartnerMD you get greater access to a great doctor, but that's just the beginning. You get access to the most medically advanced physicals to help identify hidden vulnerabilities. And you get access to our comprehensive wellness platform and certified health coaches to help you achieve your goals. All that is wrapped up in one membership designed to provide better healthcare for an even better you.

Traditional Primary Care vs. Other Concierge
Medical Practices vs. PartnerMD

Compare what is offered at traditional primary care offices, other concierge medicine providers, and PartnerMD.

Indiv Families PartnerMD Experience

Experience the PartnerMD difference.

As a PartnerMD member, you'll enjoy:

  • 30-minute appointments that allow for a deeper relationship with your doctor
  • A cutting-edge advanced physical that identifies where you are most vulnerable
  • Access to more than 70+ physician-approved wellness courses and certified health coaching through Wellness University 
  • Same- or next-day appointments for sick care guaranteed
  • Little to no wait times for appointments, whether in-person or via telehealth
  • 24/7 access to physician care
  • Coordination and scheduling of specialist referrals
  • Quarterbacking of all your care
  • Preventive care that’s personal and proactive.

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Indiv Families PartnerMD Experience

Join PartnerMD in 3 Easy Steps

Ready to talk about joining PartnerMD? We’re here to help. One of our membership experts will help you answer these three questions and walk you through the final few steps.

  • Who is your doctor?

  • Choose Your Level of Physical.

  • Explore Wellness Wellness University & Health Coaching.


Who is your doctor?

It’s important to find the right fit for you and your family. If you think you might be a fit for more than one of our doctors, we can help you make your final decision. If needed, schedule a free video consultation to meet our doctors.

Meet Our Concierge Doctors


What kind of physical do you need?

Many of our new members find value in starting their PartnerMD membership with one of our higher level physicals — often a half-day Enhanced (5-hr) Physical. 

These physicals provide cutting-edge medical screenings to identify where you are most vulnerable, and they help provide your new doctor with a complete picture of your health. 

Our membership experts will walk you through your options and talk about what best fits your needs and goals.

Learn About Our Advanced Physicals

PartnerMD wellness programs & health coaching

Are you interested in wellness programs and health coaching?

After finding your doctor and selecting your physical, our membership experts will discuss Wellness University, our comprehensive wellness platform that focuses on the four key areas of health that are most important to your wellness, including how to:

  • Manage stress and get better sleep for your overall well-being
  • Maximize brain health for longevity
  • Improve nutrition to help you achieve your health goals
  • Increase strength and mobility for peak performance

And the best part? Access to Wellness University is included as part of your PartnerMD membership.

Explore Wellness University

PartnerMD wellness programs & health coaching

"In traditional medicine, we tend to treat diseases and manage diseases. But it’s so much better for an individual’s health if we’re able to predict what they may be at risk for and then individualize a plan to help them not only obtain optimal health, but prevent diseases they may be at risk for.”

Jim Mumper, M.D., Co-Founder of PartnerMD

PartnerMD Physicians Accepting New Patients

To maintain our high standard of care, we limit the size of our doctors' patient panels. See below for our list of PartnerMD physicians currently accepting new patients. 

If you do not see your preferred PartnerMD physician or location listed, complete the form at the bottom of the page. We will add you to our contact list and reach out when we have availability. 

Ready for a better healthcare experience?

Start your journey to a better healthcare experience today. Complete this form and a membership expert will contact you via phone and/or email within 2 business days.

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Ready for a better healthcare experience?

Start your journey to a better healthcare experience today. Complete this form and a membership expert will contact you via phone and/or email within 2 business days.

Why should I complete this form?