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OptimizePMD: 10 Exercises to Do With Your Family

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One way to make sure your whole family stays active? Exercise together! In this video, Midlothian health coach Jaime Monsen is joined by her daughter, Samantha, to demonstrate exercises the whole family can do, together. Follow along with Jaime and Samantha in the video as they keep staying active in the family. 

10 Exercises to Do With Your Family

  1. Wall sits — For young children, make it a game and see how far they can make it singing the ABCs before they get tired. 
  2. Squats — Pass a yoga ball back-and-forth for 30 seconds or incorporate a hand clapping routine in-between each squat. 
  3. Core rotations — Take a yoga ball (or any kind of ball) and, while back to back, pass the ball between two people. 
  4. Calf raises — With your palms together, while passing a ball back and forth, or signing a song, lift yourself onto your toes for 30 or 60 seconds (or sing the ABCs for little ones). 
  5. Bicep curls — Using hand weights or a filled water bottle, do 10 bicep curls in unison. 
  6. Planks — If your children are too young to hold the position on their forearms and toes, they can do a push-up position or put their knees on the ground. 
  7. Bird dog — While on all fours, lift your opposite arm and opposite leg (i.e. right arm, left leg). Do it facing your family and high-five for extra fun. 
  8. Sit-up passing — Using a yoga ball, medicine ball, or some other ball, do sit-ups while passing the ball back and forth between two people. 
  9. Ab Workout  — With one person on the ground, have them bring their legs up to the ceiling. The second person then forces them down. 
  10. Burpees — Everyone's favorite. 

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