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Got 10 minutes? Then you can get a quick workout in. Join Greenville health coach Aaron Benator for 10-minutes of simple bodyweight exercises you can do from pretty much anywhere. Watch the video below for demonstrations of the following eight exercises: 
  1. Bird dogs
  2. Bilateral squat
  3. Dead bugs
  4. Reverse lunges
  5. Bicycle crunch variation
  6. 10-and-2 lunge
  7. Pushups — two variations for this, regular pushups or modified knee pushup
  8. Cross marches

Remember, you can always pause if you need to. You can always get some water if you need to. If you want to do another round, feel free. Start it from the beginning or do another two rounds if you want to make it kind of a 30-minute exercise more or less. Thanks for watching. 

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