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3 Tips for a Better Workout Experience

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You're about to work out, whether at the gym or in your home. What area of the body should you work out first? What types of exercises should you focus on?  Here are three tips for a better workout experience. 

1. Write down what you’ve done.

Use a composition book, a pen-and-paper workout log, or an app. You can write down a lot of information or very little but keep track.

Looking at your past workouts may give you the confidence to keep the habit alive or you may see fewer workouts than you’d like to see. This may encourage you to recommit to your plan.

2. Start with some balance, mobility, and breathing exercises.

Maybe you breathe smoothly through your nose for five cycles while thinking about your lower ribcage and upper belly.

Maybe you stand on one leg or in a kickstand position (putting weight on the midfoot of one foot and the ball of the other foot – remember to alternate).

Maybe you bend your elbows and knees and shift your hips to see how you’re feeling.

A proper warmup may give you a safer and more effective workout.

3. Focus on the big muscle groups by doing compound exercises.

Compound exercises use multiple joints (e.g. squats, lunges, pull-ups, pull-downs, rows, presses, and pushes).

These should increase muscle-building hormone levels more effectively than single-joint exercises like curls and raises.

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