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OptimizePMD: 3 Tips for a Better Workout Experience

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You're about to work out, whether at the gym or in your home. What area of the body should you workout first? What types of exercises should you focus on? Should you focus on a small area of your body like your arms? In this video, Richmond health coach Michael Stroud offers a few tips to better your workout experience. Watch below and read on for the recap. 

3 Tips for a Better Workout Experience

1. Always start with your biggest muscle groups. For example, if you're doing an upper body day, don't start with arm curls and then expect to do pull-ups or pull-downs. Your biceps, a smaller muscle group, will be fatigued already, so you won't get the workout needed for your back. Start with the larger muscle group, such as your chest and then transition to smaller muscle groups later in the workout if needed. 

2. Stick with compound movements first. Focus on multi-joint movements first, exercises that get a few muscle groups involved. Pull-downs, presses, etc. Then move on to dumbbell lateral raises, curls, press-downs, etc. 

3. Don't do an arm day. You're wasting your time. Don't spend 45 minutes to an hour on your biceps and triceps. You'll get a lot more bang for your buck if you focus on a bigger muscle group, your chest or your back for example. Your arms will get the workout they need while doing exercises for other, larger muscle groups. Then, if you want to do a burnout set for your triceps or biceps at the end, go for it. 

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