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HarmonizePMD: 3 Ways to Support Someone With Depression

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If you know someone — maybe a family member or friend — battling depression, you may not know how you can help. Greenville health coach Caiti Nascarella offers three tips on how you can support them. Watch the full video below and read on for a recap. 

3 Tips in Supporting Someone With Depression

  1. Reassure them that depression is an actual medical diagnosis. It is not a weakness. It is not a character flaw. 
  2. Do not downplay their feelings or minimize their thoughts or try to find silver linings. Refrain from using "at least" statements, such as "at least this didn't happen" or "at least you have this going on." This can cause someone with depression to feel more isolated. Just listen.
  3. Be supportive and empathetic. You don't have to have professional-level advice. You don't have to sympathize or understand where they are coming. But try to put yourself in their shoes and imagine what it might be like. Just being there might be the key. You don't need to have the right words. 
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