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OptimizePMD: 6 Exercises for Your Core Using Sliders

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Sliders are a cheap and effective tool to use for staying fit. In this video, Midlothian health coach Jaime Monsen uses two sliders she bought at Five Below to workout her core. Watch the video below and read on for the list of exercises. 

6 Exercises for Your Core Using Sliders

If you're just starting out, only do 5 or so reps for each exercise. Once you feel more comfortable, add more reps. The first three exercises here are beginner-level exercises. The last three are a little more advanced. 

  1. Start in the plank position. Using the sliders, bring both your knees in toward your chest. This is a good exercise for your abdomen. 
  2. Stay in the plank position. This time, bring your right knee toward your left armpit, followed by your left knee toward your right armpit. This will workout your obliques. 
  3. Start in a plank position. This is what we call a "frog." Instead of bringing your knees straight toward your chest, pull them wider toward each elbow, and then release backward.
  4. Start in a plank position. We call this one "knees in, circles out." Bring your knees directly toward your chest (like exercise No. 1), inside of going straight back out with your legs, push your legs outward like a circle before going back to the plank position. 
  5. Start in a plank position. Lift your hips straight up in the air, and then release back down. 
  6. Side planks. Instead of starting in a traditional plank, start sitting almost on your side with one leg extended and one tucked underneath. The extended leg will be the leg that uses the slider. Do crunches by bringing the extended leg with the slider in toward your chest. 

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