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OptimizePMD: Exercises to Strengthen Your Shoulder

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Shoulder pain can limit a lot of your everyday routine. What can you do to strengthen your shoulders, whether its to prevent injury in the first place or rehab back to full strength after an injury?

In this video, Richmond health coach Michael Stroud demonstrates some simple exercises you can do to strengthen your shoulder and the muscles around them. Watch below and read on for the list of exercises. 

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Exercises to Strengthen Your Shoulder

  • Internal rotations. Using a band, keep your elbow pinned to your side and rotate the band inward across your body. 
  • External rotations. Grab a band with both hands just at that point where the band has a little bit of tension. Pin your elbows to your side and rotate outward as far as your flexibility will allow.  
  • Eccentric front raises. Step on a band. Grab one end with your hand and raise it toward the sky. Then slowly lower it back to the bottom. Think of it as resisting the gravity of the band. 
  • Lateral raises. Step on a band. Life your arm outward. 
  • Stretch. One stretch is to place your arm directly across your chest. Place the opposite hand on your tricep and pull. Another good stretch is a wall stretch. Place your palm against a wall with your thumb up, even with your shoulder. Slowly turn away. You should feel the stretch through your shoulder and across the stretch. 

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