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Friday Morning Workouts: Warming Up with Brandon Rice

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Warming up is an important piece of exercise. Without a good warm-up, you not only risk injury, but you also won't be maximizing the potential of your workout.

In this video, Short Pump health coach Brandon Rice walks through a 20-minute warm-up full of static stretches (individual muscles), dynamic stretches (multiple joint and muscle groups), and central nervous system activation (to get your mind working at the same pace as your body).

Watch the video below and find the full list of stretches and exercises below. 

  • Active Hamstring
  • 90-90 Arm Sweeps
  • Bretzle
  • Seated Piriformis
  • Posterior Hips/Lats
  • Lateral Hips/Lats
  • Single Leg Romanian Deadlift
  • Lunge with Overhead Reach
  • Inchworm
  • Toes/Hips/Hands
  • Worlds Greatest
  • Central Nervous System (CNS) Activation

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