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OptimizePMD: How to Use Resistance Bands, Part I

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Resistance bands are a convenient tool to use to stay in shape. Because they can fold up nicely, they are an excellent choice to use while on vacation or on a work trip, as they can fit into pretty much any luggage.

In this video, Midlothian health coach Jaime Monsen talks about strength training with resistance bands, focusing this video on the upper body. Watch the video below and read on for a recap. 

(Check out Part II on lower body exercises, too!)

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Safety Tips for Strength Training with Resistance Bands (Upper Body) 

  • Try to get a pack of resistance bands that are color-coded based on the strength of resistance. Pick the one most suitable for your level of fitness. 
  • Make sure you check your bands from time to time. They can wear out over time, which can cause a dangerous snap.

Exercises for Resistance Bands Based on Muscle Groups

1. Chest press. With the band anchored behind you and your hands straight out, make a push-up motion with your arms. 

2. Chest fly. With the band anchored behind you and your hands facing inward, pull your arms outward. 

3. Back: Rows. Holding the bands in front of you with your thumbs up, pull the bands in toward your body like rowing a boat. You can also row with your thumbs facing toward each other and pull toward your chest. Make sure your shoulder blades are straight when doing this exercise. You can also use your foot as an anchor to do rows. 

4. Shoulders: Overhead press. Anchor the band under one of your feet. Lift your arms up over your head. If two arms at once is too difficult, just do one arm at a time. 

5. Shoulders: Lateral raises. Anchor the band under one of your feet. Lift you arms out away from your body. 

6. Biceps: Curls. Anchor the band under one of your feet and do a traditional bicep curl. You can do a wide-arm curl for extra variety. 

7. Triceps: Extension. Anchor the band under your feet. Hold the band back behind your head and lift up. Don't bring your arm back in front of your body until you are done with this exercise. 

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