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OptimizePMD: How to Use Resistance Bands, Part II

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Resistance bands are a convenient tool to use to help you stay in shape. As we covered in Part I, you can easily fold them up in luggage or attach them to a door or other stable object to get a quick workout in.

After showing how to use a resistance band to workout your upper body in Part I, Midlothian health coach Jaime Monsen walks us through several exercises you can use to workout your lower body with a resistance band. Watch the video below and read on for the full list of exercises. 

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Lower Body Exercises Using Resistance Bands

1. Squats. Place the bands under both of your feet, which should be at or just past shoulder width. Bring the bands up by raising your hands to your shoulders. While holding the bands up, squat backward. Go slowly so you remain in control. 

2. Side shuffles. With the bands under both of your feet, walk sideways. Five steps to the right. Five steps to the left. If you don't have space, you can just go back and forth repeatedly. 

3. Reverse lunge. With one foot on top of the band and one foot behind you, put your hands up next to your shoulders. Drop your back knee directly down. 

4. Glute kick/donkey kick. Place the band under one foot in the arch of your shoe. Get on the floor on all fours. Kick your leg backwards and bring directly back into your chest. Be sure to keep your spine nice and straight and look straight down at your fingertips. 

Bonus Exercises for a Velcro Attachment

If you have a velcro attachment to tack onto the end of your bands, you can do several more exercises with your legs. 

1. Aductions and abductions 

2. Glute kicks 

3. Quad raises

4. Heel extensions

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