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Inova VIP 360 vs. PartnerMD: A Concierge Medicine Comparison

November 6th, 2023 | 4 min. read

By Janet Kiss, Membership

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You want to find the right concierge doctor in Northern Virginia. Chances are you will come across Inova VIP 360 Concierge Medicine.

Inova VIP 360 is one of several concierge medicine practices in Northern Virginia. Through its affiliation with the Inova health system, they are one of the biggest concierge practices in the region.

At PartnerMD, we regularly talk to people who are considering both our practice and Inova VIP 360.

We know choosing a new concierge doctor can be a tough decision. You want to make sure you get it right and choose the best place for your care. That’s what we want, too.

As you consider concierge doctors in Northern Virginia, you need information that helps you compare your options. That’s what we’re here to do.

Keep reading for a comparison between PartnerMD and Inova VIP 360. By the end, we hope you have the information you need to make the right decision for you and your family.

What is Inova VIP 360?

Inova VIP 360 is the concierge medicine practice affiliated with the Inova health system.

As a concierge practice, Inova VIP 360 patients pay a membership fee to be a part of the practice.

Like at PartnerMD and other concierge practices, this membership fee allows their doctors to reduce their panels compared to traditional primary care practices and provide a better experience for patients.

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Inova VIP 360 vs. PartnerMD: Similarities

First, when comparing PartnerMD and Inova VIP 360, it’s important to understand what will be similar in each practice. As concierge medicine practices, you can expect many of the same services and offerings, including:

These are staples of the concierge medicine experience, and you’ll likely find them at many practices in Northern Virginia – not just PartnerMD or Inova VIP 360.

Inova VIP 360 vs. PartnerMD: 4 Differences

Several differences between PartnerMD and Inova VIP 360 could play a role in your decision. These differences include:

  • Number of doctors at each practice
  • Cost of the out-of-pocket membership fee
  • Wellness services
  • Options for annual physicals

Let’s dive into each one a little more.

Dr. Mandana Shafai treating a patient in PartnerMD's McLean office

PartnerMD vs. Inova VIP360: Number of Doctors

This is an easy one. Inova VIP 360 has 15 concierge doctors practicing at four different Inova VIP 360 offices. These include:

  • Inova VIP 360 Concierge Medicine – Ballston
  • Inova VIP 360 Concierge Medicine – Fair Oaks
  • Inova VIP 360 Concierge Medicine – Fairfax
  • Inova VIP 360 Concierge Medicine – Lansdowne

At PartnerMD, Dr. Kaleen Kitay and Dr. Mandana Shafai practice at our office in McLean off Elm Street

While Dr. Kitay is not accepting new patients right now, Dr. Shafai is a board-certified internal medicine physician with more than 20 years of experience. Dr. Shafai has helped patients with a wide range of issues, including weight loss, diet, stress/anxiety, and sleep.

“I want my patients to know they have someone who listens to them,” she says. “I want them to know that I am their ally on their path to lifelong health.”

Here is a video from Dr. Shafai explaining her philosophy of care for patients.

Inova VIP 360 vs. PartnerMD: Cost of Membership

Cost is likely one of the top questions on your mind. Here is the cost of each practice:

  • Inova VIP 360: $2,200 per year for the first adult member. Additional adult family members receive a discounted rate of $2,000 per year. Children of current members ages 13-22 for a one-time annual fee of $1,000.
  • PartnerMD: $2,500 per year or $208.33 per month for the first adult member. PartnerMD offers discounted rates for young adults and children — ages 6-25 receive a discounted rate of $1,250 per year or $104.16 per month.

As internal medicine physicians, Dr. Kitay and Dr. Shafai do not see patients younger than age 18. You can use our online cost calculator to get an instant quote for the cost of your PartnerMD membership.

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Inova VIP 360 vs. PartnerMD: Wellness Services

This is one of the biggest differences between PartnerMD and Inova VIP 360. As mentioned above, Inova includes “education and wellness planning” in their annual physical, but that appears to be the extent of their wellness services.

At PartnerMD, we believe that wellness is primary care, and we provide the resources to back that up.

  • All members have exclusive access to Wellness University, which features more than 70 educational courses on nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, and cognitive health.
  • These courses include online videos, in-person workshops, and one-on-one sessions with our certified health coaches.

At PartnerMD, we combine exceptional care and service from your physician with Wellness University and our health coaches to deliver a whole-person approach to your care that helps you live your best life.

You get great access to a great physician, and because Wellness University and our health coaching are included in the cost of your membership, you get a bevy of resources on top of it.

Inova VIP 360 vs. PartnerMD: Annual Physical Options

A more in-depth annual physical is a key part of any concierge medicine membership.

  • Inova VIP 360 provides an “extensive, periodic medical review and half-day physical examination…that includes preventive care, education and wellness planning, as well as tests not found in most wellness exams.”
  • At PartnerMD, we have multiple options for your annual physical. Our Classic Physical is included in your membership and is accepted by most health insurance plans once per year, depending on your plan.

In addition, we offer the ability to upgrade each year to our Enhanced (5-hour) Physical or our Signature (8-hour) Physical, which offer more advanced lab work through the Cleveland HeartLab, screenings, and consultations for the best in prevention and identification of health risks even before symptoms occur. 

Inova VIP 360 vs. PartnerMD: Why Pick PartnerMD?

We encourage you to explore your options. The most important thing is that you find the best fit for your care.

However, if you’ll indulge us, here are three key reasons to choose PartnerMD over Inova VIP 360:

  1. You love Dr. Shafai’s approach to care. She is board-certified in internal medicine – which focuses on the more conventional, traditional approach to care – and she is also extremely knowledgeable about holistic medicine and functional medicine.
  2. You want to take primary care to the next level. At PartnerMD, a great doctor is just the beginning. Add our extensive wellness resources, health coaches, annual physicals, and more, and we’re the solution for people looking for a comprehensive primary care experience.
  3. We’re a more convenient location for your home or work. For some people, the decision is this simple. What’s the most convenient option? PartnerMD is on Elm Street in McLean and about three miles from Tysons. Our McLean office is anywhere from roughly 8 miles (Ballston, Fairfax) to 15 miles (Fair Oaks) to 24 miles (Lansdowne) from Inova’s concierge medicine locations. 

If you are interested in learning more about PartnerMD, click here and complete the form. One of our membership experts will reach out to answer any questions you have.

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Janet Kiss, Membership

As a Membership Expert at PartnerMD, Janet Kiss has years of experience in concierge medicine. She guides you through the membership process, ensuring you understand and maximize the benefits of personalized care.