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OptimizePMD: Proper Exercise Form — Barbell Back Squat

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Using the right form when doing any lifting is important. In this video, Richmond health coach Michael Stroud offers a few pointers on proper form when doing barbell back squats. Watch the full video below and read on for a recap. 

Looking for more tips on form for your lifts? Check out his video explaining the proper form for the bench press.

Tips for Proper Form for Barbell Back Squats

  • Bar placement: Don't rest the bar on the back of your neck. The bar should rest on your traps, or on your upper back.  
  • Hand placement: Hands should be placed on the bar so they are just outside shoulder width.
  • Lifting the bar: Lift the bar from your "belly button to spine" meaning don't lift using a rounded back. Keep your tight, lift, and step straight back. 
  • Feet placement: Feet should be shoulder width a part, or a little bit wider if you prefer. Toes should be ducked out or straight ahead. 
  • Squatting technique: Make sure your chest stays up and your hips go back first, don't break at the knee first. Squat down, and then come right back. While squatting, don't let your knee-caps go over your toes.

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