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OptimizePMD: The Benefits of Balance

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The risk of falling increases with age. By engaging the muscles and muscle memory that maintain our balance, we are less apt to fall.

Coach Yvonne Bull from the Owings Mills office walks us through a series of exercises that anyone over 60 should be incorporating on a regular basis. These balance exercises can be done at home without fancy equipment – every day – to help develop and maintain muscle engagement/reflex memory.

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Exercise to Strengthen Your Balance

  • Wall sits (Hold until you feel it begin to burn)
  • Step-ups
  • Walk in a straight line, heel to toe (aka the sobriety test)
  • Grapevine (move laterally, sidestepping behind one leg, followed by sidestepping in front of the next leg) 
  • Lift one leg in the air and hold (place a chair in front of you if you need something to catch your balance) 
  • Sit to stands (sit in a chair, cross your arms to your shoulders, and stand up and sit down repeatedly)
  • Stand to the side of the chair and lift the outside leg
  • Shoulder shrugs (Look in all four directions, then lift one arm each above your head, and then finish with individual shrugs of each shoulder) 

About OptimizePMD

OptimizePMD is a new wellness program under development at PartnerMD. By emphasizing various exercise strategies and explaining the science behind them, OptimizePMD will help participants achieve and maintain optimal physical performance at all stages of life. Check out more OptimizePMD content here. More information coming soon!