Proceed with caution when it comes to the growing trend to get genetic testing done by any company out there.

Genetic testing has the power to deliver incredibly valuable and highly personal information to you and your physician. However, it also opens up a variety of risks ranging from the psychological implications of the results, to family obligations to share the results, to exposure to legal discrimination from life insurance and long term disability insurance.

Patients should work with a PartnerMD physician and a VCU Health certified genetics counselor to make a more informed personal choice and ensure that testing is being conducted in an accredited lab held to the highest standards and security.

This Wellness Seminar brings together the experts to explore the latest medical advancements in DNA testing, uncover the truths you need to know and the consequences you should be aware of.

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Key Topics Covered:

  • The quality and creditability of direct-to-consumer DNA test kits
  • Hidden risks of genetic testing
  • Areas of health where genetic testing provides the most value
  • The role of the genetic counselor
  • How the PartnerMD and VCU Health System partnership benefits members
  • Plus, lots of time for Q+A with the experts

About the Presenters

  • Jim Mumper MD, Chief Medical Officer, PartnerMD
  • Sara L. Reichert, MS, CGC, Genetic Counselor, Department of Human and Molecular Genetics, VCU Health Systems

Dates and Times

Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Midday from 12:00 to 1:00 pm
Evening from 6:00 to 7:00 pm


PartnerMD Richmond
7001 Forest Avenue
Suite 110
Richmond, VA 23230

Suite 110 is located on the ground floor of our building. Look for signage in the lobby to help you find your way.

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