PartnerMD welcomes Drs. Lindsay Sherrard and Mandana Shafai.

Kristin P. Richardson

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer


PartnerMD Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Kristin Richardson knows that the most successful companies are the most customer-driven ones with the best customer experience – especially in an industry as important as our health.

For over 20 years, Kristin has developed sales and marketing teams and strategies that turn companies into industry leaders. She is a proven business development leader that has helped companies grow through branding, marketing, product development and sales over the course of her career at top advertising agencies, health insurance and professional service companies, and now back to health at PartnerMD. The common theme throughout all of these has been to help transform and align these companies’ marketing strategies and messages with their customer experience.

Kristin and her husband, Brian, are both members at PartnerMD and have been through the most advanced physical that PartnerMD has available. They appreciate the peace of mind it brings them to know the most in-depth picture of their health and to have access to the most holistic resources available to age as well as possible. Married later in life and with two young daughters, they want to live as vibrantly as possible for as long as possible.

Originally from North Carolina and always a Tar Heel at heart, Kristin now calls Richmond, Virginia home where she enjoys running alone in the morning for at least 30 minutes of “me time.” She continues to work with her PartnerMD physician and health coach on her daily health goals of healthier eating and drinking more water during her busy schedule.