About PartnerMD

Personal medicine is our passion.

Our Mission

PartnerMD is the leader in redefining your expectations of the healthcare experience.

The best medicine is personal medicine, where a physician and patient can build a long lasting relationship based on mutual trust. This sort of relationship doesn’t happen overnight. It needs the time and space to grow.

And that’s exactly what we provide at PartnerMD: time and space.

  • Time and space for our physicians and patients to meet in a comfortable “unrushed” setting
  • Time and space to think, reflect, and research
  • Time and space to dive deep into health concerns
  • Time and space to develop long-term, custom wellness plans with a focus on prevention

You Are At the Center of Everything We Do

Everything we do at PartnerMD is with you in mind. We partner with you on your wellness journey (but you are always in control).

And we’re not simply talking about a partnership between you and your PartnerMD physician—everyone you encounter at PartnerMD sees themselves as partners in your journey.

Health Coaching: The Missing Link

Our PartnerMD physicians are experts in providing quality clinical care. And you, of course, know where you want to go when it comes to the next milestone on your wellness journey.

But what’s the connection between clinical care and positive outcomes? Ongoing health coaching. That’s why every PartnerMD membership includes unlimited health coaching. Your coach serves as the bridge between your physician and your optimal health and wellness.

Our Values

  • Human: We’re a team of individuals sharing our intense compassion to care for each other.
  • Energetic: We’re filled with positive energy that we channel into everything we do, every day.
  • Curious: We’re driven to learn and seek new, smart, and personalized solutions rooted in an ever-deepening understanding of our members and medicine.
  • Trusted: We’re always there, encouraging the sharing of new ideas and diverse perspectives that build confidence and strengthen trust.

Our History

Founded in 2003 with 40 patients and one physician, PartnerMD has grown to thousands of members with locations and physicians throughout the Mid Atlantic

As a concierge medical practice specializing in primary care and corporate health, our approach to care is rooted in strengthening the physician-patient relationship and developing a wellness plan to maximize each member’s health. This approach and commitment to superior care and customer service has led to tremendous growth as more and more people are looking for a personalized approach to health care.

Over the last decade, our health care system has seen tremendous change. But PartnerMD’s commitment to combining state-of-the-art medical technology with turn-back-the-clock personal attention has not wavered—and it never will.

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