About PartnerMD

Our Mission


Empowering our members to make the best decision for their wellness journey is—and always has been—our primary goal.

As the leader in concierge primary care and executive health, PartnerMD is redefining expectations for the healthcare experience. By taking time to listen, to understand, and to build trusting relationships, we provide individuals, families, and businesses with today’s most advanced, progressive, and personal health guidance. We are dedicated to not just treating illness, but preventing it.  Everything we do aims to serve this mission with solutions, support, and treatment plans that are tailored to each individual.

Our History

Founded in 2003, PartnerMD remains on the forefront of the fast-growing concierge medicine model. As more of the cost of healthcare has shifted to the consumer, patients are demanding more control over their own healthcare choices, more access to their care team, and a stronger relationship with their primary care physician. PartnerMD delivers on the promise of a better healthcare experience by removing the frustrations caused by the current healthcare system.

Our physicians, nurses, health coaches and staff are committed to continually increasing the value of PartnerMD membership by offering new services, wellness programs that address the varied dimensions of health, and embracing advanced medical technologies.

Currently, 26 physicians and 6 health coaches in 6 offices and 4 states help patients throughout the Mid-Atlantic live healthier, happier lives. Thanks to patients who appreciate a more advanced,  progressive, and personal approach to care, 96% of individual and corporate members renew each year, and we continue to grow.

PartnerMD is a subsidiary of Markel Ventures and was acquired in 2011.

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