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How Can PartnerMD Help You Manage Your Allergies?

June 7th, 2017 | 2 min. read

By Joy Rowe, M.D.

When you suffer from allergy symptoms, the last thing you want is a lengthy wait for a diagnosis.

Just as your primary care physician can help you, PartnerMD will help you manage your allergies but without the wait.

PartnerMD Makes Time

Typically, a traditional primary care physician may only have five to ten minutes to spend with you in an appointment. At PartnerMD, longer appointment times are scheduled to offer our patients the individual attention they deserve.

Learn more about the differences between a concierge medicine vs. a traditional primary care physician.

PartnerMD also schedules time during the day for doctors to contact specialists, resulting in faster referrals for patients.  

One of the many benefits of concierge medicine is round the clock access to healthcare professionals. With PartnerMD, patients are not left waiting.

How Can PartnerMD Help?

At PartnerMD, we take a preventive, step-by-step approach to managing your allergy symptoms.

First, we recommend keeping a daily health journal. Recording your health can help both you and your PartnerMD physician notice patterns that pinpoint your allergy triggers. For example, if you never noticed that your stuffy nose and sore throat are triggered every Sunday morning after doing yard work on Saturdays, you can look back at your daily health journal to see what activity may be causing your symptoms.

Once your allergy trigger is identified, your PartnerMD physician will recommend initial treatments that you can do on your own without medications. This might include nasal saline rinses or avoiding the allergy trigger completely. Your physician also may recommend that you speak to one of our health and wellness coaches to determine lifestyle changes that can assist in managing your symptoms.

If your symptoms persist after these initial preventative treatments, then your doctor may recommend the next step; usually over the counter allergy medications or possibly a prescription.

For more serious allergy symptoms that aren’t easily identified, your doctor may refer you to an allergist, who can provide testing to determine your allergy triggers. A specialist may find allergens that will respond to preventative measures once they are identified.

If you are referred to a specialist who recommends immunotherapy treatments, PartnerMD can save you time by administering your injections in our offices once you reach the maintenance phase of your treatment, with the approval of the allergist.

Why Should I Choose PartnerMD?

At PartnerMD, we understand the need to spend time with our patients so that we can provide the best possible care, especially when it comes to allergy management. Concierge medicine providers like PartnerMD put patients first.

We are invested in your health and wellness, and building relationships with patients is our priority.  By taking the time to get to know you and your health history we are already a step ahead when it comes to managing your allergies.

Joy Rowe, M.D.