The PartnerMD approach to genetic testing

Empowering our members to make the best decision for their wellness journey is—and always has been—our primary goal.

Unlike some other physicians’ offices and direct-to-consumer genetic testing services, we see little value in genetic tests that do not allow you to take action to reduce or change your risk for a particular disease.

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We believe that when it comes to genetic testing, a “one size fits all” mentality is ill-advised. The potential significance of the results requires a thoughtful and individualized approach—one that will vary based on a variety of factors, including a person’s medical history, current health, and goals.

Our focus is instead on critical areas of disease and illness, such as heart health, brain health, hereditary cancers, and pharmacogenomics (the latter determines how well your body metabolizes drugs, which is often helpful with behavioral health).

What to Expect with PartnerMD

Together, our members work with their PartnerMD physician and a certified genetic counselor through our partnership with VCU Health System to make a more informed personal choice regarding genetic testing.

VCU Health’s certified genetic counselors are healthcare professionals with specialized graduate degrees and experience in both genetics and counseling. They help educate our members by walking them through their family history and current personal health status to understand risks and to support them in making a personal decision. Genetic counselors also help interpret test results, provide supportive counseling, and serve as advocates.

If a member decides to proceed with genetic testing, all testing will be facilitated at an accredited lab and analyzed by VCU Health. Once test results are available, the individual will receive additional genetic counseling. PartnerMD physicians supervise all counseling and clinical care.

Learn More About Genetic Testing

Explore the basics of genetic testing, including a deeper look into our approach, in this informative free guide. 

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Considering Genetic Testing?

Current members, contact your PartnerMD physician to inquire about genetic counseling and testing.

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