PatnerMD is excited to announce the hiring of two new physicians in its metro Atlanta location, Dr. Mildred J. Santorufo (Dr. Milli) and Dr. Rob Norris. Dr. Milli and Dr. Norris will practice in PartnerMD’s Sandy Springs, GA office. Beyond their professional bond, Dr. Milli and Dr. Norris also are partners in life.

Dr. Milli brings an approach to serving her patients that goes beyond the practices of many of her colleagues in the profession. Dr. Milli doesn’t like to be limited by her schedule and doesn’t want time to be a barrier to providing her patients with the best possible care and treatment. Dr. Milli has a passion for building strong relationships with her patients. She envisions an environment where patients can come sit in a ‘living room’ as opposed to a ‘waiting room.’ It’s this approach to serving patients which sets Dr. Milli apart from many of her colleagues in the profession and what ultimately led her to PartnerMD.

Dr. Norris takes a progressive and integrative approach to medicine. Instead of just looking at one symptom and then making an assessment, Dr. Norris likes to take a step back and consider other possible factors such as environment, gut health and supplement usage, just to name a few. This approach may be ideal, but it also can be very time consuming. For such an in-demand physician as Dr. Norris, this high standard can be nearly impossible to meet. That’s where PartnerMD comes into play. Dr. Norris was attracted to PartnerMD due to the smaller patient rosters, which in turn allows for more quality time with each individual patient.

These two highly trained physicians both got their start from prestigious academic institutions. Dr. Milli went to Florida Atlantic University, then to Barry University for her master’s degree and finally to Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine for medical school in 2000. Dr. Norris went to Roger Williams University, then to Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine for medical school, where he met Dr. Milli. Together, they operated the Copper Basin Family Practice in Copperhill, TN, from 2003 until 2009. In 2009, they closed the practice to move closer to family in Acworth, GA.

Both physicians are tremendously open-minded and always listen attentively to their patients. “If a patient comes to me with an idea or something new they’ve heard about, I always listen,” Dr. Norris says. “If I’m not familiar with whatever it is, I’ll research it so that my patient and I can learn together. My goal is to serve as a guide. I’ll provide guidance, based on my medical expertise, but the patient always makes the final call. It’s their life, their body, their decision.”

Dr. Rob Norris and Dr. Milli are both natives of New York and are now proud to call Dallas, Georgia home. They enjoy their four “fur-babies,” as well as traveling the country to participate in Spartan races and other adventure sports.

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