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I’ve gained greater access to my physician by joining PartnerMD. With my frequent traveling, I need the flexibility and support that this new relationship provides. I can depend on her to always be there for me to spend the time necessary to ensure that I’m in top health. I feel like my time is valued and that I am not just another patient chart.
—Steve D.
At PartnerMD I have a doctor who knows who I am. I'm not just a folder.
—Tim H.
I want to commend my PartnerMD physician on the diagnosis of my multiple myeloma. If not for her desire to find the root cause of my problems, I do not believe I would be diagnosed correctly today.
—Jim H.
Thanks to my PartnerMD physician I was able to catch my cancer in time and have it taken care of through his referrals. He was there to answer questions that I was too nervous to ask the cancer surgeon.
—Margaret S.
My PartnerMD physician knows and understands me. She is on top of my health conditions and communicates clearly and quickly with me on my questions/issues. She ensures that I get very comprehensive and timely diagnostics on my conditions. I couldn't ask for better health care and treatment.
—Barry B.
The day before I was scheduled to leave for a trip I experienced a medical issue, but I did not have time for an office visit. I was able to reach my doctor by phone to talk through my symptoms, and she called in a prescription that I picked up on my way to the airport. PartnerMD offers excellent customer service.
—Robert K.
I could not be more pleased with the care, professionalism and responsiveness of PartnerMD.
—Cleveland C.
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