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Robert J. Norris, D.O.


Robert Norris

Physician Profile

Roger Williams University, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 1992

Medical School
Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2000

Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine/North Broward Hospital District, Family Medicine Residency

Professional Society Memberships
American Osteopathic Association, American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians, American
Academy of Family Physicians, Integrative Health Practitioner Certificate — Cabral Wellness Institute, Nutritional Biochemistry Certificate — Metabolic Fitness

Favorite Part About Being a Doctor
“Educating people on how to remain healthy. Taking care of disease is straightforward. But trying to get people to not get to that point is what I find most rewarding.”

Meet Dr. Norris …

As a board-certified family medicine doctor and certified integrative health practitioner, Dr. Rob provides holistic care to patients throughout every stage of life. Over nearly two decades, he’s educated patients on how to remain healthy, while trying to reduce the need for medication.

Dr. Rob’s integrative and functional approach means looking beyond the typical Western medical remedies (think pharmaceuticals) and considering the impact of an individual’s environment, gut health, and supplement usage (just to name a few items) on a patient’s overall health.

“If a patient comes to me with an idea or something new they’ve heard about, I always listen,” he says. “If I’m not familiar with whatever it is, I’ll research it so that my patient and I can learn together. My goal is to serve as a guide.”

Dr. Rob has experience with cutting-edge functional medicine strategies such as analyzing minerals in the hair, organic acid testing of urine, yeast overgrowth, bacterial overgrowth, or even determining if there are too many toxins in the body. He also holds a nutritional biochemistry certificate, which enables him to dig deeper into his patients’ diet and supplementation.

“A lot of health can be traced back to balance. Even if you eat the best possible diet, you’re still going to be deficient in certain vitamins and minerals,” he says. “To balance, most people will need Vitamin D, magnesium, sometimes Vitamin C, and omega- 3 fatty acids.”

By combining his integrative, functional approach with the relationships he can develop with his patients thanks to being a concierge doctor, Dr. Rob aims to uncover health problems before they start to cause issues. “The main drive I have for people is to learn how to be healthy and stay healthy, and not ever need medicine.”

Beyond the exam room, Dr. Rob is a spartan race aficionado. He started spartan racing in 2013 after his sister suggested he try one out. At the start, he was doing 1 to 3 a year. Now, he does between 12 and 15 each year. “I did the first one in New York with my sister, and it was game on at that point,” he says. “I initially thought I could maybe do a 10-miler, but never a 12 or 15-mile race. 40 races later, here we are.”

He’s traveled all over the country for Spartan racing, including for some of his favorite races in Montana, Lake Tahoe, the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, and Vermont. And he always makes sure to compete in the Atlanta spartan races each year.

A New York native, Dr. Rob now lives in Dallas, Ga., with Dr. Milli (also a PartnerMD physician) and four fur-babies — two chihuahuas and two cats. Beyond spartan races, Dr. Rob and Dr. Milli love traveling to new places. They’re eager to head over to Europe at some point soon, so if you have any European travel tips, don’t hesitate to share.

Blog Posts by Robert J. Norris, D.O.

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