Dr. Rakesh Sarma has joined PartnerMD.

We're excited to welcome Dr. Sarma to our Sandy Springs office and to help him provide you with even better care. Learn about concierge medicine, how it works, our membership fee, and more below.

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Dr. Sarma started at PartnerMD on February 20, 2023.


Where is Dr. Sarma's new location?

Dr. Sarma sees patients at PartnerMD's Sandy Springs office. Our office is located approximately 2 miles from Dr. Sarma's current office. 

Contact Information

755 Mt. Vernon Highway, Suite 110, Sandy Springs, GA 30328



What is the primary care experience like at PartnerMD?

As a PartnerMD member, you'll enjoy:

  • 30-minute appointments so that your appointments with Dr. Sarma are never rushed
  • Advanced annual physicals with in-depth tests and screenings that last at least 90 minutes
  • Access to more than 70+ physician-approved wellness courses and our certified health coaches, including Dr. Francisco Carreño Gálvez, through Wellness University
  • Same- or next-day appointments for sick care, guaranteed
  • Little to no wait times, whether in person or via telehealth
  • 24/7 access to physician care
  • Coordination and scheduling of specialist referrals
  • Quarterbacking of all your care
  • Preventive care that’s personal, proactive, and never rushed

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What else do you get besides primary care?

Primary care is the foundation of your concierge medicine membership at PartnerMD. But what you can expect reaches far beyond that. Explore everything your PartnerMD concierge medicine membership gives you, from the most customizable advanced physicals to cutting-edge wellness programs integrated with your physician’s care.

Why did Dr. Carreño become a health coach?

Meet Dr. Francisco Carreño Gálvez, our certified health coach in Sandy Springs.

Francisco Carreño Gálvez, Ph.D., is passionate about nutrition, exercise, and helping patients optimize their health at all stages of life.

Dr. Carreño uses his education and experience to help patients understand the processes occurring at the cellular level and how proper interventions can result in improved metabolic, functional, and overall health outcomes.

He earned his Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology between the University of Granada (Spain) and the University Pablo de Olavide in Seville (Spain). Watch this video to learn more about Dr.  Carreño and his philosophy to health coaching. 

Meet Dr. Carreño

Why did Dr. Carreño become a health coach?

How much does this cost?

A traditional primary care doctor has 2,000+ patients. At PartnerMD, our doctors have around 400-500 patients. Our membership fee makes up for the difference in the number of patients compared to traditional practices and allows us to provide exceptional care to help you stay at your best. 

For a limited time, we're offering current patients of Dr. Sarma an exclusive discount of $200 off for the first year of membership. Use the calculator below to get an idea of your concierge medicine cost at PartnerMD Sandy Springs. 

I’m looking for a plan that includes:

Select the plan options that fit your needs to see what your estimated cost would be.

Single Adult

Membership for the primary account holder. 

Additional Adults

Memberships for additional adults in your household (spouses, grandparents, etc.) receive a discount off the Single Adult annual rate. 

Young Adults

Memberships for young adults ages 22-25 are discounted to $91.67 per month. 


Memberships for children ages 18-21 are discounted to $62.50 per month. 

Your Estimated Fee

Monthly Annual

Choose a Plan

Select one or more options to begin calculating your estimated total.

Once you have made your selection you may view monthly or annual pricing.

Your Total


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Cancel anytime with 30 days notice in writing. We'll prorate your money back.

FAQs for Patients

What is the membership fee? 

PartnerMD members elect to pay a fee to join our practice. In return, our doctors are able to reduce their patient panel and provide more individual attention to each patient (in addition to other membership benefits). Membership does not take the place of insurance. 

How does PartnerMD work with insurance? 

Insurance with PartnerMD works in the same manner as a traditional primary care. We will bill your insurance providers for services and you will be responsible for your co-pay. 

Do you take my insurance? 

PartnerMD accepts most insurance plans, including Medicare. See a current list of health insurance providers with which we participate.

Individual products within a plan may vary. To be certain that PartnerMD and your doctor are considered in-network with your health insurance, you must take your specific insurance product into account.

To do this, visit the website for the insurance carrier. Look for the “provider lookup” tool. Enter the exact product name for your insurance and the practice name to confirm in-network status.

Can I use my FSA or HSA account with PartnerMD? 

Yes. FSA and HSA funds are typically applicable only to medical services and may not be applied to your membership fee. However, as each program is different, it's important to verify the guidelines for your individual plan. For a deeper dive, please see this article: How to Use Your FSA or HSA for Concierge Medicine.

Can I pay month-to-month? 

Yes. Your membership can be invoiced annually, quarterly, or monthly. 

Am I locked into a contract? 

No. You can cancel at any time with 30 days notice in writing. If you've paid up front, we'll prorate a refund. 

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Find your partner in health.

Complete the form to meet your PartnerMD membership expert, Melissa Gifford. Melissa will answer all your questions about our practice and make it easy to become a member.

Filling out this form is just the start of the process. Watch this video to find out what happens next.