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Concierge Medicine Memberships for Individuals & Families

Better healthcare for an even better you. 

Your primary care doctor. Your partner in health.

Looking for a doctor who has the time to listen and know you? Want a focus on preventive care and whole-person wellness? By combining greater access to a great physician with cutting-edge advanced physicals, access to wellness resources, and certified health coaches, PartnerMD delivers the healthcare experience you've always wanted — one that's convenient for your life and customized for your health. 


Enjoy individualized primary care at PartnerMD.

As a PartnerMD member, you'll enjoy:

  • 30-minute appointments that allow for a deeper relationship with your doctor
  • A cutting-edge advanced physical that identifies where you are most vulnerable
  • Access to more than 70+ physician-approved wellness courses and certified health coaching through Wellness University
  • Same- or next-day appointments for sick care guaranteed
  • Little to no wait times, whether in person or via telehealth
  • 24/7 access to physician care
  • Coordination and scheduling of specialist referrals
  • Quarterbacking of all your care
  • Preventive care that’s personal and proactive

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What makes up a membership at PartnerMD?

Membership at PartnerMD is built around three key areas — convenient, customized primary care; advanced physicals that peer into your health future; and wellness services and health coaching that support your healthy lifestyle. Learn more about the three key areas of membership at PartnerMD. 

Better healthcare for an even better you.

Dr. David Pong talking with patient at PartnerMD

Escape the hassles of the primary care experience.

The traditional primary care experience is a hassle. Wait to get an appointment. Wait in the lobby or exam room at the office. Wait all night to call as soon as the office opens in the morning. It’s a chore to get the primary care you need.

You deserve primary care that is focused on you, instead of the other way around.

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Dr. David Pong talking with patient at PartnerMD

Improve your health through a better relationship with your doctor.

By seeing far fewer patients than they would at a traditional primary care practice, your PartnerMD concierge doctor has at least 30 minutes, every appointment, to discuss your health and your life.

Can't come into the office? Telehealth gives you the ability to see your doctor from anywhere via video, while still guaranteeing you the time you need to get the care you deserve. 

The result? A trusted relationship with your personal concierge doctor and informed, individualized care that gets to the root of the issue, helps prevent the next one, and keeps you at your best.

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Dr. Kladder with female patient

Upgrade your physical at the start of your membership and identify your risks and vulnerabilities.

Many new members start their membership by upgrading their physical — often a half-day Enhanced (5-hr) Physical. These physicals are typically not covered by insurance and are customized to identify your personal health risks and the areas where you are most vulnerable.

Is your risk for a heart attack or stroke higher than you think? Could you be heading down a path toward diabetes?

Our advanced screenings and imaging could help your doctor identify health problems potentially years before an event occurs. Armed with this information at the start of your relationship, you and your PartnerMD doctor are equipped to take action to improve your health forecast.

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Health coach meeting with a patient

Use Wellness University and our certified health coaches to improve your health habits throughout the year.

Just visiting your doctor doesn't make you healthier. Taking action throughout the year does. That's why include access to Wellness University, our comprehensive wellness platform, and our certified health coaches in the cost of membership.

Wellness University includes access to more than 70 structured programs to support nutrition and metabolic health, sleep and stress management, physical fitness, and brain health. 

Whether you need help sticking to a healthy diet, managing stress, developing a new fitness routine, or something else, you have the resources to work on your goals throughout the year.

Explore Wellness University

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Hear From Our Members

Our members understand the value in having a true partner in health at their side. But don’t just hear it from us. 96% of our members renew year after year. Play this video to hear one member tell her story.

“(PartnerMD) is a team that's working for me, who believe that my health and my wellbeing is uppermost in their mind.”

Shilpa Damle, PartnerMD Member

PartnerMD Physicians Accepting New Patients

To maintain our high standard of care, we limit the size of our doctors' patient panels. See below for our list of PartnerMD physicians currently accepting new patients. 

If you do not see your preferred PartnerMD physician or location listed, complete the form at the bottom of the page. We will add you to our contact list and reach out when we have availability. 

Get better healthcare for an even better you.

Ready for a better healthcare experience? Complete this form and a membership expert will contact you via phone and/or email within 2 business days.

Get better healthcare for an even better you.

Ready for a better healthcare experience? Complete this form and a membership expert will contact you via phone and/or email within 2 business days.