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Welcome to PartnerMD!

Below, you'll find important information to help you get the most from your membership. 

Thank you, from the entire team at PartnerMD.

How do you contact your care team?

As a PartnerMD member, you are now at the center of a team that cares as much about your health as you do — from your personal physician, dedicated nurse, and certified health coach, to your practice manager and support staff. Our primary goal is to keep you healthy and deliver the best care possible when you're not. 


Call your office.

The fastest way to reach your care team is to call your local office.

When you start your membership, you should receive a contact card with direct dial numbers for your doctor and care team. 

Don't have the card or don't have it with you?

No problem. You can always call the main office number and ask for whatever you need. 

Need to reach us after hours?

Call the after-hours number on your contact card. Or call the main office number and follow the prompts to reach the doctor on call.

If the matter is not urgent, you can leave a message. We'll respond the next business day.

See Office Contact Info


Use the Patient Portal.

Use the Patient Portal for non-urgent communication. 

The Patient Portal allows you to send messages through our secure, HIPAA-protected online system. 

You can connect with your physician, nurse, or health coach. You can also request appointments or other assistance.

When will I hear back? 

We will respond to portal messages the same or next business day. 

What else is in the portal? 

In addition to a messaging system, the Patient Portal serves as a repository for your medical history, including lab results, prescription information, notes from your office visits, and more.

Access the Patient Portal


After Hours & Emergency Care

A PartnerMD physician is available 24/7.

Our doctors rotate call responsibilities. Sometimes you may get your personal doctor. Sometimes you may speak with another PartnerMD doctor.

That doctor will have access to your records and be able to provide the care you need. 

What should you do if you are admitted to the hospital?

If you are hospitalized, please let us know as soon as you are able.

This may have to wait until you are stable, or you may be able to ask a friend or family member to contact us.

We will be able to advise the hospitalists with regard to your care. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1 first. 

How 24/7 Access to Care Works at PartnerMD


What should you expect during your first 30 days as a PartnerMD member?

You've signed your agreement and officially joined PartnerMD. If you're not sick right away, you may be wondering how to get started taking advantage of your membership. Here's what you can expect in the first 30 days. 

  • Medical Records

  • New Member Appointment

  • Wellness

Midsection of businesswoman with binders at office

We gather your medical records.

PartnerMD will contact the specialists and other providers listed in your consent forms to request your records and medical history. These records are vital for our physicians, as they provide initial information to help them understand your health. 

Often, these offices are busy with patients and administrative tasks like this can be delayed. 

We will continue to follow up, but please be aware that it can sometimes take weeks for a practice to respond to our request. 

Midsection of businesswoman with binders at office

We'll reach out to see if you need anything immediately.

Upon joining, we'll reach out to see if you need anything. If you need an immediate acute care visit, please let us know and we'll get that scheduled. 

If you don't need acute care, we'll still reach out to check in and discuss whether we can schedule your annual physical. 

If you truly don't need anything urgently upon joining, we'll set a reminder for ourselves to check in once a month or two have passed.


We'll introduce you to Wellness University.

Wellness University is our members-only wellness platform that provides access to more than 70 physician-approved wellness courses that let you learn at your own pace.

These courses are designed to help you focus on the four key areas of health that are most important to your wellness, including how to:

  • Manage stress and get better sleep for your overall well-being
  • Maximize brain health for longevity
  • Improve nutrition to help you achieve your health goals
  • Increase strength and mobility for peak performance

And the best part? Access to Wellness University is included as part of your PartnerMD membership. Click below to begin exploring or reach out to your practice manager with any questions. 

Explore Wellness University


Hassle-free primary care is only the foundation of a better healthcare experience.

As a PartnerMD member, you get greater access to a great doctor. You also have access to the most medically advanced physicals to help identify your hidden vulnerabilities, and certified coaches to support healthy lifestyle changes. All that is wrapped up in one membership designed to provide better healthcare for an even better you.

Advanced Physicals

Jumpstart your membership by upgrading your physical to reveal your health risks.

Many new members find value in starting their PartnerMD membership with one of our higher-level physicals — often a half-day Enhanced (5-hr) Physical. These physicals provide cutting-edge medical screenings to identify where you are most vulnerable, and they help provide your new doctor with a complete picture of your health. Upgraded physicals require a one-time, out-of-pocket fee, but be sure to check with your FSA or HSA provider. Your upgraded physical could be a reimbursable medical expense. 

Wellness University & Certified Health Coaches

A great doctor is just the beginning.

Wellness is the main goal of everything PartnerMD does, and your doctor is just the beginning. Now you have access to Wellness University, a complete and trusted resource to help you make the lifestyle changes that will enhance your treatment, prevent disease, and help you achieve peak performance.

Wellness University lets you customize a curriculum that’s right for you. Choose from over 70 physician-approved courses in the four key areas of health that will make a difference in your day-to-day life.

Manage stress and get better sleep.

School of Adrenal Health

Maximize brain health.

School of Cognitive Health

Improve your nutrition.

School of Cognitive Health

Increase strength and mobility.

School of Muscular Health

Introducing your Practice Manager.

Have questions? Can't reach your nurse during business hours? Need to change your contact info?

Your practice manager is here to help make your PartnerMD experience as smooth as possible. Find the name of each practice manager and their contact info below.

Georgia - Sandy Springs

Maryland - Owings Mills

South Carolina - Greenville

Virginia - McLean

Virginia - Midlothian

Richmond - Virginia

Short Pump - Virginia

Want to know more about your membership?

As you acclimate to a new way of experiencing healthcare, you may have more questions. We are here to help. The practice manager at your local office is available and happy to provide assistance. Give us a call during business hours.

You can also check the comprehensive FAQ page for members to find information about office visits, billing and insurance, and more.