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Health Insurance

PartnerMD accepts health insurance, just like a standard primary care practice. Learn more about the similarities and differences below. 

How does insurance work with concierge medicine?

One of the most commonly asked questions in concierge medicine is about health insurance. Do you accept insurance? How does insurance work with concierge medicine? Does insurance cover the membership fee? Keep reading for answers to all your questions. 


How does your membership fee work?

Membership at PartnerMD is an entirely separate fee from medical services, insurance, and associated billing. Membership fees are not covered by health insurance.

If you have an HSA or FSA plan through your employer, you may be able to offset a portion of the fee. We always recommend checking with your plan administrator to confirm.  

Your membership fee includes benefits, such as:

  • 30-minute appointments, with little or no wait time 
  • Same- or next-day appointments for sick care
  • 24/7 access to physician care
  • Coordination and scheduling of specialist referrals
  • Health coaching and all of our integrated wellness services. 

Your membership can be paid annually, quarterly or monthly, with no change in fee based on payment schedule. 


Contact the membership billing team at or call 844.618.5055


What about health insurance and billing for medical services?

Your membership fee does not replace your health insurance. In general, your health insurance works the same at PartnerMD as it does with a traditional primary care practice. 

We work with and bill your health insurance company for medical care, including office or telehealth visits, lab work, and tests.

You are responsible for co-pays or deductibles, but your health insurance will cover the costs of approved services and procedures, just as it would if you were seeing a traditional PCP. 


Contact the Medical Billing team at or call 844.618.5050


What are the types of insurance payments?

When you get a bill from PartnerMD for medical services, there are a few categories that payment might fall under. Here are the key terms that you should know. Be sure to check with your insurance carrier to get details about your individual plan. 


Do we take your insurance?

Please confirm with your insurance company. 

Insurance plans vary based on your insurance carrier, your plan, and your individual selections.

The best way to ensure that PartnerMD participates with your insurance is to check on your insurance carrier's website.

To do this, visit the website of your insurance carrier. Look for the “provider lookup” tool. Enter the exact product name for your insurance and the practice and/or doctor name to confirm in-network status.

Still not sure?

Send us a copy of your insurance card, and we can confirm.

Has your insurance changed? 

If you recently changed jobs or your employer changed your health care plan, it's a great time to confirm that PartnerMD participates with your new plan. We recommend checking before you switch, if possible, just to avoid any confusion. 



Want to know more about your membership?

As you acclimate to a new way of experiencing healthcare, you may have more questions. We are here to help. The practice manager at your local office is available and happy to provide assistance. Give us a call during business hours.

You can also check the comprehensive FAQ page for members to find information about office visits, billing and insurance, and more.