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David Younkins, Certified Health Coach

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Lifestyle & Wellness | Facebook Live Recap

We hear a lot about calories. How many calories are in this food or that food? That's not worth the calories. Or that's going to put some extra calories on your day.

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Lifestyle & Wellness | School of Metabolic Health | Wellness

Summer is rapidly approaching, and with that comes a fresh crop of vegetables hitting their stride.  Just like any time of year, there are particular plants that are more in season at a certain time of year. It can be beneficial to our health to eat those vegetables that are in season at the time they are in season because of their nutrient contents.

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Lifestyle & Wellness | Concierge Medicine | Wellness

I want to take a minute to tell you why I became a health coach. What makes me a health coach? Watch the video below or read on to find out.