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5 Ways to Find a Concierge Doctor Near You

May 8th, 2023 | 3 min. read

By Janet Kiss, Membership

Concierge doctor talking with patient

You’re tired of waiting weeks for an appointment at your traditional primary care practice.

You’re tired of waiting in a lobby and then in an exam room for what seems like forever only to see your doctor for only a few minutes.

Maybe you’re looking for a more active partner in your health journey.

You know it is not necessarily your current doctor’s fault – it’s the system. But you’ve decided it’s time to find a new primary care physician, and you’re looking to switch to concierge medicine

You trust that the personalized, convenient experience a concierge medicine practice provides will be worth it. But you’re wondering…

How do I find a concierge doctor?

We’ve helped patients find the right concierge doctor for them for nearly 20 years. Our patients come to us in many ways. Sometimes, it’s a simple Google search. Other times, it could be via an online directory or via referral.

The first step to finding the right concierge doctor for you is to identify your options. Here are five ways you can find a concierge doctor near you. 

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1. Google "concierge doctor near me."

What’s the first thing most people do for any question these days? Google it. And it should work for this too. Simply type "concierge doctor near me" and see what appears.

Consider this the start of your search, as you’ll explore concierge medicine practices in your area, begin to understand what they offer, and learn about the physicians and staff at each.

2. Use your network – ask your family, neighbors, colleagues, etc.

At PartnerMD, one of the most common ways new patients find us is through referrals. Talk to your family, your neighbors, your friends, or your colleagues and see if they have a concierge doctor they love.

While doing your research online can be helpful, nothing beats first-hand information. Chances are the people in your network can provide their first-hand experience to you.

Then, you can use your judgment to decide whether their experience aligns with what you’re looking for.

Group of colleagues at their office talking about how to find a concierge doctor

3. Talk to your specialists.

If you’re seeing a specialist for any kind of care – a cardiologist, a gastroenterologist, etc. – chances are they are more familiar with the details of your health situation than anyone.

They know your numbers. They’ve seen your charts. And they’ve experienced what you’re looking for in a relationship with a physician.

They might also have recommendations based on their experience in the healthcare community and understand how concierge care can fit into your overall health plan.

Now, some specialists may refrain from making recommendations if they don’t have enough knowledge of the options in your area, but it’s worth asking.

4. Search doctor directory websites.

There are plenty of doctor directories and doctor review sites out there that provide a list of concierge doctors in your area. These include WebMD, HealthGrades, and more.

A warning though: These lists are not always the most up-to-date or well-maintained, so there may be some outdated information for certain doctors.

Physician directories also sell advertisements to physicians to boost their profile, like the top results on any Google search.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just something to be aware of as you search.

5. Check with your insurance provider.

Insurance providers keep an active list of physicians that participate in their health insurance plans, so their website can be a decent place to start.

They often won’t have much more information other than if they participate in your plan, so we recommend doing more research before making a final decision.

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Find a Concierge Doctor at PartnerMD

At PartnerMD, a great concierge doctor is just the beginning. In addition to same-day or next-day acute care appointments, 24/7 access to care, little to no waiting, coordination of specialist care, customizable annual physicals, and more, we include access to extensive wellness resources and health coaching in the cost of your membership

We don’t want to just treat you when you’re sick. We want to prevent illness in the first place and help you live your best life. It’s how we deliver better healthcare for an even better you.

Ready to explore a concierge medicine membership at PartnerMD? Fill out a form on this page and one of our membership experts will reach out within two business days to set up a virtual meet-and-greet.

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Janet Kiss, Membership

As a Membership Expert at PartnerMD, Janet Kiss has years of experience in concierge medicine. She guides you through the membership process, ensuring you understand and maximize the benefits of personalized care.