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David Pong, M.D.

By: David Pong, M.D. on December 1st, 2015

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Executive Physicals: What Are They and Who Are They For?

Executive Health

Executive physicals are often misconstrued as being limited to corporate executives. In reality, executive physicals can be an efficient solution for many types of people seeking advanced testing and a comprehensive look at their health.

What Are Executive Physicals?

Executive physicals refer to comprehensive physicals that practices, like PartnerMD, have designed for companies or individuals to go well beyond the standard annual physical exam. These programs typically begin with an in-depth health evaluation that includes advanced lab testing, specialized imaging and specialty consultations. Information gathered from this thorough examination is compiled into a comprehensive package that creates an accurate map of the patient’s health status, can achieve early identification of health risks, and helps the patient plot a course to optimal health and performance.

Is It Exclusive to Executives?

"Executive physical" can be a misleading name because access to this type of service is not limited to corporate executives. Some companies provide executive physicals for their leaders as a way to help ensure those leaders are in top health. Other busy individuals feel the cutting-edge testing paired with the convenience and efficiency of combining a great amount of care into a single, seamless day makes an executive physical worthwhile. Others still are simply interested in an in-depth look at their current health and physician-driven roadmap to optimal health. 

What Executive Physicals Involve

At PartnerMD, programs are customized to meet the needs of a corporate or individual client. In addition to an extended examination and consultation with a PartnerMD physician, other features of the program may include advanced labs; imaging screens; assessments of cognitive function and emotional health; and multiple specialty consultations with physical therapists, dietitians and certified health coaches. PartnerMD can aide in determining what will give each patient the most value for his or her time.

Because of the time, resources and advanced testing that is usually offered, executive physicals may not be covered by a standard insurance policy. 

With our lives becoming busier all the time, companies and individuals are recognizing the benefits and importance of a personalized, in-depth health care program that is uniquely customized for their individual needs.

If you are a corporation or individual interested in learning more about the PartnerMD Executive Health Program, download our free eBook:

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