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Jana Morse, M.D.

By: Jana Morse, M.D. on May 11th, 2016

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The Benefits of a Concierge Medicine Physical

Concierge Medicine | Executive Health

As traditional primary care practices become more crowded, patients are finding it increasingly difficult to spend quality time with their doctors. Annual physicals have become shorter and less robust, making it challenging to have a detailed conversation about your health.

So, what do you do when you know you need a more thorough approach to your care?

For many individuals, the answer is concierge medicine. Concierge medicine provides many significant benefits to patients, such as more time with your physician, no-wait appointments and a prevention-focused approach to help patients achieve their best health.

One of the biggest advantages to this approach to health care is a more comprehensive physical.

Here’s a look at what concierge medicine physicals are like and what patients can expect during their first physical:

What Makes a Concierge Physical Unique?

One of the biggest differentiators between a physical in a traditional primary care setting and a concierge practice is time. 

Concierge physicians are able to spend more time with patients during physicals which allows the physician to conduct a detailed medical evaluation that focuses on the detection of health and lifestyle factors that increase a patient’s chances of developing an illness.

PartnerMD members receive a 90-minute physical, which lets physicians and patients spend more time setting a baseline for current health and having a detailed discussion about wellness goals.

The Benefit of 90-Minute Physicals

At PartnerMD, extensive lab work is done prior to the physical so the full hour and half physical can be spent talking about patient health. 

During the physical, PartnerMD physicians spend time explaining lab results and discussing which are most important to the patient’s unique health situation. They have time to ask key questions about lifestyle and family history that impact overall health during the physical. 

This discussion allows our physicians to dig deeper into any physical or emotional stress a patient may be experiencing and can also discuss how diet, nutrition and lifestyle choices play into the health conditions patients are struggling with. 

A thorough physical examination is completed, which further provides the physician with more information into the patient’s health. 

In reviewing the detailed information from a patient’s first physical, a PartnerMD physician is able to create a comprehensive map of a patient’s health status. This includes a patient’s physical and emotional health as well as stress and lifestyle choices. Understanding all of these factors during the physical helps patients and their physician identify what could be limiting their health and begin working toward their optimal health. 

Major Benefits of a Concierge Medicine Physical 

The deepest benefit of a concierge physical is that it gives patients more time with their physicians to discuss their health. As a result of this attentive care, concierge physicals deliver three major benefits to each patient:

  • Early Detection of Illnesses: A concierge physical grants patients extra time to communicate with their physician. This enables a patient’s health care team to identify risk factors for illnesses that often don’t present with symptoms until it’s no longer within their control, such as high cholesterol and heart disease. 

  • Timeliness of Treatment: If an illness is identified, PartnerMD’s administrative scheduling team helps patients schedule the follow-up treatment they need in a timely manner. A medical concierge can also schedule and coordinate any specialist appointments that may be needed.

  • Support for Lifestyle Changes: A concierge physical gives the physician a deeper understanding of any challenges a patient might face in life that could be hindering the patient from achieving their health goals. 

Are you ready to explore concierge medicine and discover the benefits of a comprehensive physical? Download our eBook to learn more:

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