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Melissa Gifford

By: Melissa Gifford on October 21st, 2019

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Top 4 Reasons Patients Choose Concierge Medicine

Pretty much everyone who thinks about joining concierge care has something in common: They’re ready to ditch 7-minute medicine. The question is, why now? Why is now the time to make the jump? While we hear a multitude of responses, a few stand out, again and again, among our patients who’ve already made the switch. We want to share their themes with you.

We hope that hearing their rationale for moving to concierge medicine helps you reflect on your own thoughts and feelings, even if your motivations are uniquely your own. You might be surprised to know how many people have experiences similar to yours.

Let’s look at the 4 main reasons for joining a concierge practice.

High Achievers Like Concierge Medicine

Some especially well-behaved people choose concierge care because their traditional doctor can’t keep up with their high-achievement lifestyle. They’re making healthy choices and setting personal goals. They’re learning about new technologies and treatments. They want a true partner for holistic self-care and their constant benchmarks. A traditional doctor doesn’t see them long enough, or know them well enough, to be a real teammate.

If you’re the type of informed consumer and health advocate who wants a proactive outlook, not a disaster relief mentality, from your physician, then you’re fitting in with many who choose concierge care.

An Existing Condition That Requires Attentive Care

If you have a condition that necessitates a doctor’s in-depth attention, then 7-minute medicine is likely driving you crazy, bankrupt, or both.

Concierge doctors have more time to look at the big picture of your health. They can review your full list of medications and assess how they interact with one another. They can coordinate care with your other specialists and providers and investigate treatments, including new and cutting-edge methods.

Do you have a condition, whether chronic or complex, that requires a lot of contact with your physician? Are you in search of new solutions to a lingering problem? You’re in strong company with the many others who choose concierge medicine.

Medical Scare

We find that plenty of people choosing concierge care came from a moment of reckoning. They have a jarring experience that makes them re-examine their decisions, including their physical wellness choices.

For some, a milestone birthday leads them to think about aging and death. For them, candles and cake represent an important time to invest in longevity.

For others, a scare comes from someone else’s health lapse. Their parents are suffering, and that struggle reminds them of worrisome aspects of their family medical history. Or an acquaintance from long ago passes away suddenly. “If it can happen to them, it can happen to me,” the thinking goes. For others, a familiar celebrity gets sick or passes away, and the news reverberates in a way they never could have predicted.

These moments of reckoning make us want to protect ourselves — from our joints and bones to our sense of memory and life itself. If you’re having this experience, you’re not alone. It’s a common reason people look for doctors they can access often.


Dissatisfied With Traditional Primary Care

We mentioned that most people who choose concierge care share a frustration with 7-minute medicine. For some of them, that dissatisfaction rises so much that a change absolutely has to happen, and quickly. 

Some of them feel unheard and, because of poorly diagnosed ailments, have no more time to waste. They’re showing up for one appointment after the next, but they’re not getting better and not seeing their treatment adjusted. It's why they go looking to find out what concierge medicine is. They turn to concierge care when they desperately need a true solution to a lingering problem. They want a doctor who learns their medications, diet, and lifestyle to uncover the underlying issue.

Others grow sick of the system — its complications and its lack of transparency. They want a physician who feels like an advocate. They can’t keep feeling like an unwelcome customer in a bureaucratic machine. They can’t stomach one more unexpected bill for a treatment that was their doctor’s idea and not at all theirs too.

Pretty much everyone shares frustration with status quo healthcare. But if your experience has been so bad that you’re saying everything must change, you’re not alone. It’s a common refrain among people who go to concierge care.

Take an Active Step Today

Do you hear echoes of your own feelings in these common themes? The patients we’re describing took the big step to improve their situation by moving to concierge care. What’s your next step?

One thing you can do right away is to get more information on concierge care. We recommend looking through this free downloadable guide to understand features, fees, and other particulars of concierge care.

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