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Executive Health Programs in Atlanta: Emory Healthcare vs. PartnerMD

Executive Health

When it comes to executive health programs in the Atlanta area, you’ve got two options – Emory Executive Health or boutique concierge medical practices like PartnerMD.

If you’re looking at adding executive physicals or replacing your current executive health provider, you probably know a lot about Emory. They are the largest healthcare organization in Atlanta. With more than 2,800 doctors and 250 locations, they’re pretty much everywhere.

As a leading executive health provider since 2003, we’ve worked with countless companies in the process of deciding which program to select. Before we dive in, we want to be fully transparent — we directly compete with Emory in the field of executive health programs.

We recognize that many of the questions we get from companies choosing executive health programs have to do with the similarities and differences between the two programs. We want to provide a comprehensive view of both programs so that your company can make a confident choice.

To do that, we’ll rely on information listed on both of our websites, as well as what we understand from our conversations over the years with companies making this very decision.

In this article, we’ll breakdown how each program operates in terms of:

  1. Standard Executive Physical Cost
  2. Cost of Adding Customization Options
  3. Number of Tests and Screenings Included
  4. Number of Customization Options Available
  5. Customizing the Overall Executive Health Program
  6. Coordination of Care vs. Membership for Enhanced Primary Care
  7. Atmosphere and Experience for Your Employees

Of course, we know our product best. But we do want to be clear: people choose Emory because they are also good at what they do. As the biggest name in healthcare in Atlanta, people are comfortable with them. They have excellent doctors. And with so many specialists and outpatient facilities, many people have most of their healthcare provided by Emory.

But as we will explain, we believe we do executive health better than anyone. You can get the same quality of care for your most important employees. It will also likely cost less, while providing your most critical team members with a more comprehensive view of their health and health risks.

But you may still end up picking Emory, and that’s ok. We want to provide you with the best information possible so you can select the best executive health program for your company.

Emory Executive Health vs. PartnerMD: Three Similarities

We know what is similar and what is different between our programs. The similarities are the easy part – there are three.

  • Both programs offer the same standard tests and screenings you can find in just about any executive physical, from a family medical history review, to a body composition analysis, diet and exercise counseling, HPV and PSA testing, heart scans, and more.
  • Both programs are going to get your employees in and out in a day, at the most. All of Emory’s executive physical exams last a half day. At PartnerMD, we also offer a half-day physical, as well as a more comprehensive 8-hr physical. Regardless, your employees will be done in a day at either place.
  • Both have great physicians.

Where your decision gets difficult is when you start to look at the differences. There’s no easy place that just lays it all out for you. We’re about to change that. In the rest of this blog, we’ll explain the 7 major differences between the Emory executive health program and the PartnerMD executive health program.

Businessman discussing executive health.

1. Standard Executive Physical Cost

Emory’s executive physical cost starts at around $1,500 for their most basic physical. This is essentially a consultation with their team and a few standard tests.

However, Emory suggests specific executive physical exams based on age and gender that range from $3,186 to $4,896. You do have the option to remove tests from their suggested protocols to decrease the cost, but doing that would also reduce the amount of vital health information your employees and your company learn.

At PartnerMD, our most basic executive physical starts at $950. That’s our Classic (2-Hr) Physical. We also offer an Enhanced (5-Hr) Physical for $2,700 and a Signature Physical (8-Hr) for $3,900 that provide more in-depth and comprehensive health information. Check out this chart for a full comparison of Emory's suggested executive physicals vs. PartnerMD's executive physicals.

Emory Executive Physical Prices Base Executive Physical Age 40-44 Age 45-49 Age 50-59 Age 60+
Male $1,500 $3,546 $3,546 $3,966 $4,531
Female $1,500 $3,186 $3,911 $4,226 $4,896
PartnerMD Executive Physical Prices Classic (2-Hr) Physical Enhanced (5-Hr) Physical Signature (8-Hr) Physical    
Male $950 $2,700 $3,900    
Female $950 $2,700 $3,900    

So if you follow their suggested protocols, the only time a PartnerMD executive physical would cost more than an Emory executive physical is if you get our Signature Physical for males under 50 and females under 45. Our clients who have switched from Emory typically save about 20-25% on their total costs each year.

2. Cost of Adding Customization Options

As mentioned above, Emory Executive Health will let you customize each executive physical exam by adding or removing certain tests on their recommended protocols. They also offer additional customization options through their Optional Extended Prevention Packages, which range from an additional $105 for a Heart Health Package to $861 for a post-menopause Women’s Hormone Package.

All of these Optional Prevention Packages are also available at PartnerMD. Some of them are already included in the base cost of your executive physical, such as what is included in their Heart Health Package (tests for significant indicators of heart disease like apoB and Lp(a)).

Most of the rest, like the Women’s Hormone Packages or Men’s Health Packages, are available for your employees to add to their executive physical as one of the customization options for no extra charge.

One difference between what Emory offers in their Optional Extended Prevention Packages and what is offered at PartnerMD is within their Women’s Advanced Cancer Screening Package.

Emory offers a test for CA-125, which is an ovarian cancer test. At PartnerMD, we offer genetic counseling through our partnership with VCU Health, so we can ensure your employees are screened using the appropriate tests for hereditary cancers and diseases.

3. Number of Tests and Screenings Included

Emory’s suggested executive physicals are slightly different based on age and gender. Males and females get different annual tests and screenings, and as your employees age, they will add a couple standard tests, such as a bone density test for females over 50 and a carotid ultrasound for males over 50.

Based on the Emory Executive Health website, if you remove the three listings that are more features than tests or screenings (summation with most results available same-day, 12 months of priority coordinated care services, and individualized action plan for improvement) and account for gender-specific tests and screenings and those done every few years, you end up getting between 11-17 tests and screenings every year (following their suggested protocols).

At PartnerMD, our most basic executive physical exam, the Classic (2-Hr), includes 15 tests or screenings. The Enhanced (5-Hr) includes 18 and the Signature (8-Hr) includes 22.

Emory Executive Physical Test/Screenings Age 40-44 Age 45-49 Age 50-59 Age 60+
Male 11-14 11-14 11-15 11-16
Female 12-13 12-15 12-16 12-17
PartnerMD Executive Physical Test/Screenings Classic (2-Hr) Physical Enhanced (5-Hr) Physical Signature (8-Hr) Physical  
Male 15 18 22  
Female 15 18 22  

So combining this with the likely difference in executive physical cost, if you are choosing between the suggested half-day physical at Emory and the Enhanced (5-hr) Physical (our half-day physical) at PartnerMD, your employees will get more tests and screenings at PartnerMD while your company saves at least $800 per executive physical.

4. Number of Customization Options Available

At PartnerMD, depending on which executive physical your employees get, they will be able to choose up to two (if they get the Enhanced Physical) or up to six (Signature Physical) customization options each year.

With more than 30+ customization options available (with more added regularly), your employees will never get the same executive physical each year, and they will have access to the most in-depth and cutting-edge tests available to pursue their goals.

For example, maybe they have a family history of Alzheimer’s and want our cognitive health assessment, which will gauge the true age of their brain as it relates to their actual age and health. Or maybe they are so stressed they can’t sleep and want to receive a sleep consultation to figure out how to sleep better.

More customization options allow your employees to receive the best in early detection and prevention for their personal health. And as mentioned above, these are included in the cost of your physical.

Emory offers six “Optional Extended Prevention Packages” at an extra cost. Some of these are already standard in any PartnerMD executive physical exam. So at PartnerMD, your employees are going to have more options to make each executive physical valuable to them.

Some examples of advanced tests and screenings available at PartnerMD but not Emory include:

  • Allergy Testing
  • Dermatology Skin Screening
  • Genetic Counseling
  • Integrative Health Coaching
  • Cognitive Health Assessment
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • MTHFR Genetic Marker Evaluation
  • Preventive Physical Therapy Assessment
  • Registered Dietitian Consultation
  • Sleep Consultation
  • Stress Management Assessment

Our executive health team will work with your employees to help customize their physical based on health, area of concern, age, gender, lifestyle, and more. Check out our full list of executive physical customization options.

5. Customizing the Overall Executive Health Program

As a company, your primary decision when designing an executive health program will be to decide how many employees to include in the program. Is it just for your C-Suite executives? Might other top performers or rising stars get included?

To help manage the size of the budget and control costs, we customize each executive health program for the individual business. Among the things we can tailor to your business are:

  • Whether a physical is mandatory or optional for certain levels of employees
  • Should specific employees, or groups of employees, receive a different tier of physical
  • Do the results of any physical need to be shared with the company’s leadership team or board of directors?

For example, we frequently work with companies to design programs such as:

  • Mandatory Signature (8-hr) physical for all C-Suite executives with results reported to board of directors. Some of our clients even require this as a pre-employment physical for their C-Suite.
  • Optional Enhanced (5-hr) physicals for the next level of leadership and top performers, results confidential.
  • Optional Classic (2-hr) physicals for all employees and sometimes even spouses.

Due to the size of the hospital and the volume of patients they treat, Emory cannot customize each program for every company on that level. Because of their focus on efficiency and the fact that they have fewer customization options in general, they offer a more generalized approach.

6. Coordination of Care vs. Membership for Enhanced Primary Care

The Emory executive health program includes “12 months of priority coordinated care services,” which means they will coordinate your care, if needed, with the rest of the specialists available in the Emory Healthcare System. So if your employees’ primary care physician or cardiologist is part of the Emory Healthcare System, they’ll work to set up your appointments and make sure all your doctors involved in your healthcare are on the same page.

PartnerMD operates much the same way, though coordinating care among all providers, not just those within a specific system.

We also offer the ability to provide your employees with the benefits of concierge medicine membership. If included as part of your executive health program, they get enhanced access and time with their doctor when compared to a traditional primary care physician, which enables them to work throughout the year to improve their health. Your employees’ executive physicals become a road map for their journey to lifelong health, and their membership gives them a partner so they are never alone on that journey.

Businesswoman discussing executive health programs in Atlanta.

7. Atmosphere and Experience for Your Employees

As mentioned before, Emory is the largest healthcare organization in Atlanta. The Emory Executive Health program is located on the campus of the Emory University Hospital off Clifton Road northeast of Downtown Atlanta. It’s in the middle of the hospital’s large campus.

Because of the sheer size of the hospital and the program, they need to operate efficiently to get patients in and out. Hospitals are hectic places on a good day, and it can be an overwhelming experience for your employees to navigate a large campus and then get thrust into a busy hospital setting.

The result for your employees could be an impersonal experience where they feel like just a number.

Contrast that with PartnerMD’s Sandy Springs office, for example, located off Mt. Vernon Highway, which features two board-certified doctors – Dr. Robert Norris and Dr. Mildred “Milli” Santorufo. Your employees will get a personalized experience in an office with a dedicated, private executive lounge for their use on their physical day. We also provide car service to any outside tests that may be required.

Choosing an Atlanta Executive Health Provider: Next Steps

Now that you know a little about the differences between two Atlanta executive health providers — Emory and PartnerMD — we hope you are closer to making a decision. Before you do make a decision, you’ll want to answer these questions:

  • Is the prestige and convenience of Emory a priority in where you send your talent?
  • What type of relationship with the doctors will your employees value the most?
  • How important is a more in-depth executive physical?
  • Which customization options would you like your employees to choose to address their health issues?
  • How many employees should be a part of the executive health program?
  • What level (c-suite, directors, top performers, everyone, etc.) should be included in the program?
  • And can your company’s budget afford the higher executive physical cost (most of the time) at Emory?

Once you answer these questions, you’re likely ready to make a decision.

If you have more questions or want to learn about our programs at PartnerMD, fill out this form to request an initial phone call to discuss your goals and get a custom proposal. We’ll have a membership representative contact you the same business day. 

Request a custom proposal for an executive health program in Atlanta.