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Jim Mumper, M.D.

By: Jim Mumper, M.D. on July 7th, 2023

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How Do We Help Your Transition to a Concierge Medicine Job at PartnerMD?

Become a Concierge Doctor

Over the last 20 years, we’ve grown from one concierge doctor in one office to more than 30 in seven offices. We’ve hired a lot of doctors.

And one thing we’ve learned is that often the hardest part is going for it, officially saying yes.

It’s unsettling – you’re worried about losing some of your patients, leaving coworkers, and changing how you’ve become used to practicing. It creates plenty of uncertainty.

We talk to physicians often who are hesitant to go for it for the same reasons. If you’re facing those same challenges, you’re not alone.

Simply put, it can be a lot of change. Especially during the period between when you sign your new contract and officially start.

Most of the time at PartnerMD, that period is a few months. You simultaneously close out your work at your current practice and get ready to join ours.

Our team works to make this transition period as easy as possible. Here’s what we do to help you as you transition to your new concierge medicine physician job at PartnerMD.

Male concierge physician discussing an issue with his patient.

Transition to Concierge Medicine Job: Sales & Membership at PartnerMD

One of the first things we do is introduce you to a dedicated member of our sales and membership team. These are the folks who talk with prospective patients every day about joining PartnerMD.

Your dedicated salesperson becomes your go-to contact for your questions and for questions from your existing patients. They'll be able to explain both the pros and the cons of concierge medicine for patients because while you are getting ready to transition to us, your patients are also exploring it.

Your dedicated salesperson has heard it all – the good, the bad, the easy, the difficult – and this gives your patients one extremely knowledgeable point of contact to answer all their questions and to make the sign-up process as easy as possible.

Transition to Concierge Medicine Jobs: Marketing at PartnerMD

In addition, our team of marketing professionals will lead a multi-faceted promotional effort to kickstart the growth of your panel.

One of the first things that will occur is informing your patients. It can be daunting. You know some patients are going to be fine with it. And we’ll be honest — some won’t be. Having to leave some patients is one of the unfortunate realities and biggest challenges with concierge medicine physician jobs.

Our marketing team can help you communicate with your current patients in several ways:

  1. Draft a letter and/or email to be sent to your patients informing them of the change and why.
  2. Provide customized business cards to give to patients with updated contact information.
  3. Create unique website pages to help your current patients understand membership at PartnerMD and proactively answer their most frequent questions.

Our marketing team also works with you to create a website bio that will help attract new patients for your panel and prepare promotional emails, as necessary. They’re also available to help with the little things, such as getting a new headshot, that pop up along the way.

Finally, we are a character-based organization. If your existing contract says you can’t solicit existing patients, we don’t. We find ways to market you that do not put us or you in violation of your agreements.

Concierge doctor using a computer to analyze data.

Transition to Concierge Medicine Jobs: Operations & Finance at PartnerMD

One of the most tedious parts of the transition is the credentialing process. It’s paperwork, after all, and no one likes paperwork.

Our team works with you throughout the credentialing process to make that process as smooth as it can possibly be.

We’ll provide you with the exact paperwork you need, provide any help and reminders we can to complete it, and handle the submission of the paperwork, too. Basically, we handle the back end of the process for you.

The same is the case for malpractice insurance. We make sure the process stays on track, and we make sure no aspect gets missed.

Transition to Concierge Medicine Jobs: Training at PartnerMD

At PartnerMD, we consider your first two official weeks as an employee to be part of the onboarding process. Your first two weeks are training weeks.

Re-learning how to practice after years of practicing one way can be a little unsettling, so we give you time to settle in.

Our team will help you understand our EMR, the various processes you’ll follow, the answers to frequent questions, and the various support roles that can help you be the best physician you can be.

We’ll even assign you a mentor physician, someone who has been in the same shoes as you, to provide more help.

Once you start seeing patients, we want you to be comfortable with all the in-between things and back-end expectations.

Female concierge doctor talking to female patient in exam room

Concierge Medicine Jobs at PartnerMD

As mentioned, often the hardest part about becoming a concierge medicine physician is saying yes. Sometimes, it takes multiple years and multiple conversations before a physician is officially ready to make the switch.

We know it’s a challenging decision. That’s why our team works to remove roadblocks and make the time from when you say yes to when you see your first patient as seamless as possible.

Interested? Visit our website to learn more and fill out a form to get the conversation started. No strings attached.

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