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Primary Care Physician Jobs in Greenville, SC: What Are Your Options?

April 14th, 2023 | 3 min. read

By Jim Mumper, M.D.

Greenville, SC

Are you looking for a primary care job in Greenville, SC? Perhaps you’ve recently relocated to the area? Greenville county grew by an estimated 16.2% between 2010 and 2019, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, so you're not alone. 

Maybe you’re already here and are just looking for a new opportunity with a new family medicine job or internal medicine job in Greenville?

As one of Greenville’s concierge medicine practices, we’ve hired numerous primary care physicians, nurses, patient services representatives, health coaches, and more since we opened our office.

Primary Care Jobs in Greenville, SC: Types of Employers

To help, we’ve put this list together of larger primary care employers in the Greenville, SC area. In general, you’ll learn about three categories:

  • Hospital systems: There are three major health systems in the area – Prisma Health, Bon Secours, and Spartanburg Regional.
  • Independent traditional primary care practices: Most independent primary care practices are now affiliated with one of the hospital systems, but there are a couple of independent options remaining.
  • Concierge medicine: Concierge medicine helps ensure patients get the best experience possible and doctors can practice medicine the way they have always wanted. Greenville has a couple of concierge medicine options, too.

This is not an exhaustive list. These practices may be in various stages of the recruiting process. But we hope this list will provide helpful information for your search.

Exterior of hospital building

Primary Care Jobs in Greenville, SC: Hospitals

There are three major hospitals in the Greenville, SC area that provide employment opportunities for healthcare professionals, including internal medicine jobs and family medicine jobs.

Prisma Health Jobs, Greenville, SC

Prisma Health is South Carolina’s largest nonprofit hospital system. They operate 11 hospitals in the Upstate, including Prisma Health Baptist Easley and Prisma Health Greenville Memorial.

In addition, they have more than 40 affiliated primary care practices within 25 miles of Greenville, SC. Those practices may be located at one of their hospitals or at an independent facility, such as Greenville Family Medicine or Internal Medical Associates (IMA).

Learn more about Prisma Health.

Bon Secours Jobs, Greenville, SC

Bon Secours operates two large hospitals in the Greenville area – St. Francis Downtown and St. Francis Eastside. In addition, they have more than 20 affiliated primary care practices in the area, such as Paris View Family Practice and Millennium Internal Medicine.

Learn more about Bon Secours Greenville.

Spartanburg Regional Jobs, Greenville, SC

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare operates numerous affiliated primary care practices under either the Cherokee Medical Center (CMC) brand or the Medical Group of the Carolinas brand.

Learn more about Spartanburg Regional.

Female primary care physician

Primary Care Jobs in Greenville, SC: Independent Primary Care

Most primary care practices in Greenville, SC are part of either Prisma Health, Bon Secours, or Spartanburg Regional. However, there are a couple of independent providers that might be worth looking into.

Primary Care Associates, P.C.

Primary Care Associates has two locations in the Greenville metro area – one in Anderson and one in Belton. They have eight primary care physicians and two advanced practice registered nurses between the two offices.

Learn more about Primary Care Associates.

CenterWell Senior Primary Care Greenville

CenterWell, formerly known as Partners in Primary Care, is a national practice specifically targeting primary care for seniors. They have three primary care physicians operating in the Greenville, SC area.

Learn more about CenterWell.

Brio Health

Brio Health has three offices in the Greenville, SC area – one in downtown Greenville, one in Haywood, and one in Simpsonville. 

Learn more about Brio Health.

Male concierge doctor laughing in office

Primary Care Jobs in Greenville, SC: Concierge Medicine

Beyond hospitals and traditional primary care, you might also consider a concierge medicine physician job in Greenville, SC. 


PartnerMD has three physicians in our Greenville office off Pelham Road. We look for physicians eager to provide top-notch care to all their patients, and we’re also always looking for outstanding nurses, patient services representatives, health coaches, and more.

Learn more about becoming a concierge doctor at PartnerMD here. Other healthcare professionals, check out our Careers page for open positions.


MDVIP is a national network of concierge medicine practices with more than 1,000 affiliated practices throughout the United States. 

Resources for Moving to Greenville, SC

If you’re reading this article, you’re either already living in Greenville, recently moved to the area, or planning to move to the area. For those exploring making Greenville your home, here are a few helpful resources to check out.

Next Steps: Choosing the Right Primary Care Job for You

Now that you have a list of initial options for your primary care job search, it’s time to think about what you’re looking for.

  • Internal medicine or family medicine?
  • Affiliated with a larger hospital system?
  • Traditional primary care or concierge medicine?

As Greenville’s leading concierge practice, we’d recommend giving concierge medicine a look. There are several benefits of practicing concierge medicine.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is that with smaller panels and more time with your patients, you can practice medicine the way you’ve always wanted – with the time to provide great care for every patient.

Check out our website for more information on practicing concierge medicine at PartnerMD.

Click button to learn more about practicing concierge medicine.

Jim Mumper, M.D.

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