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Primary Care Jobs in Baltimore, MD: What Are Your Options?

Become a Concierge Doctor

Are you searching for your next primary care job in Baltimore, MD?

As a concierge medicine practice with an office in Owings Mills, we’ve hired for several primary care jobs in the Baltimore area, including internal medicine physicians, family medicine physicians, nurses, health coaches, patient services representatives, and more.

And let’s be honest: Beginning a job search can be difficult. Knowing where to start could be half the battle. You could make your next primary care job one of several choices.

While this blog is focused specifically on physician jobs in Baltimore, healthcare providers are looking for plenty of help elsewhere. If they are looking for doctors, they are also probably looking for other talented healthcare professionals.

This blog could easily serve as a solid starting point for nurses, health coaches, and other healthcare professionals exploring a career switch.

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Primary Care Jobs in Baltimore, MD: What are your options?

We’ve put together this list of employers in the Baltimore area that could be right for your next primary care career. You’ll explore three major categories:

  • Hospital systems: There are several major hospitals in the Baltimore area, including Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland Medical Center, MedStar, and Mercy Medical Center.

  • Independent traditional primary care practices: In recent years, many primary care practices have become affiliated with major hospitals. But independent practices remain that might be worth looking at.

  • Concierge medicine: Concierge medicine helps patients get the best experience possible and allows doctors to practice medicine the way they have always wanted. There are a handful of concierge medicine practices throughout the Baltimore area.

This is not an exhaustive list. But we hope it is a good starting point.

These practices may not be hiring at this exact moment, but we hope to provide helpful information as you begin investigating your next move.

Primary Care Jobs in Baltimore, MD: Hospitals

Johns Hopkins is the most well-known healthcare provider in the Baltimore area, but there are several other large hospital systems, too.

Johns Hopkins Medicine

The world-renowned Johns Hopkins healthcare system operates several hospitals in Maryland, including its flagship location in downtown Baltimore.

They also have more than 40 primary care and specialty offices located in counties throughout the state, including seven combined in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Learn more about Johns Hopkins.

University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC)

UMMC has two hospitals in Baltimore, and they employ more than 30 family medicine physicians and more than 110 internal medicine physicians, according to their website.

Learn more about UMMC.

MedStar Health

MedStar Health operates four hospitals in the Baltimore area, including Union Memorial, Harbor, Good Samaritan, and Franklin Square.

They also have 18 affiliated primary care practices within 25 miles of Baltimore, some of which are located in outpatient centers at their hospitals.

Learn more about MedStar Health.

Mercy Medical Center

Mercy Medical Center is a community hospital in Baltimore. They also have a large network of PCPs that practice at several locations, including two in downtown Baltimore, under the Mercy Personal Physicians brand.

Learn more about Mercy Medical Center.

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Primary Care Jobs in Baltimore, MD: Traditional Primary Care

Despite the nationwide trend of affiliated primary care practices, there are a few primary care practices that remain independent of the larger health systems.

Maryland Primary Care Physicians

Maryland Primary Care Physicians has more than 25 physicians practicing from 10 locations in Maryland, four of which are in the Baltimore metro area south of downtown. They also employ NPs and PAs.

Learn more about Maryland Primary Care Physicians.

Jai Medical Center

Jai Medical Center has six locations in the Baltimore area staffed by 10 physicians, as well as nurse practitioners.

Learn more about Jai Medical Center.

Primary Care Jobs in Baltimore, MD: Concierge Medicine Physicians

If you're considering a concierge medicine physician job in Baltimore, there are numerous concierge practices in the Baltimore metro area. Many have one doctor operating a solo practice. There are two larger concierge practices – PartnerMD (that’s us) and MDVIP.


We have three doctors — Dr. Ellie Goldbloom, Dr. Tamara Sobel, and Dr. Eric J. Carr — who see patients from our office in Owings Mills off Reisterstown Road.

We look for physicians eager to provide top-notch care to all their patients, and we’re also always looking for outstanding nurses, patient service representatives, health coaches, and more.

Learn more about becoming a concierge doctor at PartnerMD here. For other healthcare professionals, check out our Careers page for open positions.


A national concierge medicine company with independent offices throughout the country, MDVIP has 28 physicians practicing in more than a dozen offices in the region. Each MDVIP doctor or office operates independently of one another.

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Resources for Moving to Baltimore, MD

If you’re exploring moving to the area, here are a couple of helpful resources to check out.

Next Steps: Choosing the Right Primary Care Job in Baltimore, MD for You

We hope you found this information useful as you start your search. Now, think about what you’re looking for from your next job in the Baltimore area.

  • Do you want to be affiliated with a larger hospital system?
  • Is traditional primary care what you’re looking for?
  • Do you want to learn more about concierge medicine?

As a leading concierge practice, we’d recommend giving concierge medicine a look. There are several benefits of practicing concierge medicine.

The biggest benefit is that with smaller panels and more time with your patients, you can practice medicine the way you’ve always wanted – with the luxury of providing excellent care for every patient.

Check out our website for more information on practicing concierge medicine at PartnerMD.

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