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Andrew Neels: Why Am I A Health Coach?

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Today, I'd like to talk a little bit about how I got started with health coaching. Watch the video below or read on for more. 

About 10 years ago, I was struggling with some problems relating to anxiety and digestion, and I made some diet and lifestyle changes and started exercising. Those changes were really impactful on my quality of life, so I became really passionate about that.

And I wanted to share it with other people and help support them in making some changes in their own lives. So I became a personal trainer. I did that for several years and during that time I encountered two different types of people.

One of which, they would be very motivated. They would take the information and run with it, apply the changes in their lives, and see great results.

And then this other group of people had a little bit more trouble with the application. I became really interested in the question of "how do we really support that effective behavior change process?"

I heard a podcast about health coaching, and that really illuminated things for me, because it really focused on that behavior change piece. Why is this is so hard for people and how do we best support this?

It was combining the information side and that behavior change support side, which for me, really made me want to specialize in health coaching specifically. 

I think coaching is valuable, not just from an individual level but on a societal level too, really helping to bring down healthcare costs and rethink how we approach disease care in general.

Addressing and reversing some of the contributing factors to chronic disease can then help lower the burdens on our healthcare system and really empower people to take ownership of their own health.

Making some of these changes that might be simple, but not exactly easy, can really go a long way towards having an impact. 

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As a certified health coach in Richmond, VA, Andrew combines more than 10 years of experience working in the health and wellness field with his own personal wellness experience to help patients make positive, lasting changes toward a healthier life.

“I used to struggle with digestive issues, anxiety, and depression,” he says. “After reading widely about the benefits of exercise and proper nutrition, I was inspired to take ownership of my health. My experience changed my perspective on what was possible for individuals suffering from health problems, and I want to share that perspective with others.”

Andrew loves teaching patients about exercise, movement, the efficiencies within the human body, and the personal challenges and achievements of strength training.

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