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Brandon Rice: Why Am I A Health Coach?

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Why did I become a health coach? And what do I like about being a health coach? Watch the video or read on to find out. 

I really recognized that the key to all of my either former clients being successful was based on their understanding of why I would tell them to do something in the first place.

That might be a behavior change, a specific exercise, all of those different components, if you understand something a little bit better, you're going to be a little bit more willing to utilize those things.

An example I give is if you know how to speak Spanish, you're going to have a lot more fun in Spain. It's a lot more difficult to really understand how to speak the language if you will when it comes to nutrition and exercise.

And if you really can better understand the purpose or the knowledge behind the components, that's really the reason why people are more successful in comparison to others.

I think from a health coaching perspective, that's what I do. It's sitting down. It's having conversations with patients to ensure that they understand why I would tell them to eat more fat or drink more water or get more sleep at night.

All of those different components, there's a reason why, and taking time out of your day to better understand those things is really the key to an individual's success.

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For more than a decade, Brandon Rice has helped people focus on the positives, build on their strengths, and create opportunities for success in the world of health and wellness.

“I’m a big relationship guy,” Brandon says, "and there is no better way to connect with people than helping them in their health and wellness journey.”

After obtaining his B.S. in kinesiology, with a concentration in exercise science, from Longwood University, Brandon began his health and wellness career as a fitness manager for Capital One’s Corporate Wellness program. He is passionate about corrective exercise programming and helping people better understand how their body works through diet and exercise.

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