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10 Quick Exercises in 10 Minutes

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Want to get a quick workout in but only have 10 minutes? In this exercise routine, we're going to do 10 exercises in 10 minutes — 1 minute per exercise. 

The important thing for this exercise routine is that for one minute, you do as many repetitions as you want. If you find yourself getting a little bit tired, then rest. And when you've recovered your breath, when you've recovered your energy and you're ready to go again, then you start doing the exercises again. 

Follow along in this video or scroll down for the list of 10 exercises.

10 Quick Exercises in 10 Minutes

1. Full body warm-up: Soft knees from side to side. Stretch fro side to side. Quarter circles. Stretch the torso. Stretch the neck. Make sure everything is feeling good. 

2. Rows with dumbbells

3. Core bird dogs on the ground

4. Dumbbell presses

5. Dead bugs

6. Hammer curls with chair and dumbbells

7. Leg lowers

8. Bilateral squats

9. Bicycle taps

10. Tricep kickbacks

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