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OptimizePMD: 10 Yoga Ball Exercises for Your Core

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In the final part of this three-part series, Midlothian, VA, health coach Jaime Monsen demonstrates yoga ball exercises designed to strengthen your core. Follow along as she teaches each exercise in the video below and read on for the full list of exercises she recommends.

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Yoga Ball Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

  • Crunch
    • Options with weights
  • Right and Left Oblique
    • Options with weights
  • Overhead Crunch
    • Add weight
  • Rotation with Ball
    • Right and Left side
  • Plank
    • Feet on ball – Further out the harder
    • Hands on ball – Forearms or palms
  • Reverse Crunch
    • Plank position, pull knees to chest or V up
  • Ball reverse crunch
    • On back with ball b/w knees
  • Ball pass
    • Hands only
    • Legs only
    • Advance Pass from hands to legs
  • Superman
    • Opposite arm and leg
  • Glute Bridge
    • Further the ball is out the harder

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